Tsutsugo Acquisition: Show or Substance? DeNA’s Doubts vs. Convincing Negotiations | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tsutsugo Acquisition: Show or Substance? DeNA’s Doubts vs. Convincing Negotiations

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There was a time when he was extremely thin, causing concern among fans, but it’s reported that his current condition is quite good.

The decision to return to Japanese baseball came after exercising the opt-out clause in the minor league contract with the MLB’s Giants, leading to negotiations with multiple NPB teams. The news of his return was first reported by a source close to Tsutsugo in the Nikkan Sports. Sports Nippon later reported that his move to the Giants was imminent, causing a stir in the media.

However, Tsutsugo himself has apologized to close associates in the baseball world and stated, “It’s not finalized yet. I’ll let you know when it’s decided.”

An ex-Yokohama OB who knows Tsutsugo well mentioned,

“It’s almost certain that it’s down to a choice between the Giants and DeNA. It’ll depend on the conditions. Looking at team compositions, DeNA has been nurturing young outfielders, with players like Sano Keita, Sekine Taiki, and rookie Doai Takashi in solid positions. Even with Tsutsugo, there’s no guarantee of a starting spot. The same goes for the Giants. However, the Giants seem to be trying to woo him with plans that include not just a regular player role but also mentoring and support after retirement.”

There’s a suspicion among some OBs that “DeNA’s pursuit of Tsutsugo may be just for show.” Recently, manager Daisuke Miura mentioned, “I’ve heard that the team is negotiating. All we can do is watch and hope.”

“Tsutsugo still maintains good relationships with various people in the DeNA organization, including the front office, current players, and OBs. As a hometown hero from Yokohama High School who hit a total of 205 home runs as the former fearsome cleanup batter, he’s someone the team should go after at all costs. However, the team’s primary need for reinforcement is pitching, and they’re not particularly struggling with position players. Still, they’re aiming to acquire him because they can’t just say ‘we don’t need him,’ especially in front of the fans and local sponsors. If it’s perceived that they’ve let go of the local hero, it could affect attendance and sponsor acquisition for the next season.”

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