Renowned supporting actor Naomasa Rokudaira was involved in his eldest son’s suspected 200 million yen investment fraud! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Renowned supporting actor Naomasa Rokudaira was involved in his eldest son’s suspected 200 million yen investment fraud!

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Rokudaira, also known as a strange actor for his distinctive performances, seems to be furious about his eldest son’s alleged involvement in the fraud scandal.

The actor Naomasa Rokudaira, 70, known for his roles as a prominent supporting actor in various works such as the NHK Taiga drama “Yae no Sakura” and the TV Asahi series “Trick”, is currently embroiled in a massive financial dispute involving approximately 200 million yen.

The trouble began with an investment issue involving A Corporation based in the Kansai region and Rokudaira’s eldest son, Yuuki (pseudonym, in his 30s). According to sources close to A Corporation,

“Sometime around February last year, I got to know Yuuki through a mutual acquaintance. Yuuki is the president of a company engaged in advertising and entertainment business. He approached me saying, ‘There’s a large-scale music festival held annually in Korea, and it seems we can obtain the rights to host it in Japan. I’d like you to invest 200 million yen for that purpose.'”

As a condition for the investment, A Corporation required a guarantor. Rokudaira’s name came up due to his credibility as a figure actively involved in the limelight.

“He’s someone who’s active on the public stage, so he’s trustworthy. In response, I said, ‘If your father agrees to be the guarantor, I’ll make the investment.'”

Upon receiving this assurance, Yuuki arranged an online meeting with several people, including representatives from A Corporation. Rokudaira himself also participated in a meeting held in mid-April last year.

“Naomasa-san actually attended the meeting, and we greeted each other, including the representatives. During this time, we asked Naomasa-san directly if he was okay with being a guarantor, and we even recorded it. Once we confirmed the guarantor, we proceeded to formalize the contract and transferred 200 million yen to Yuuki’s company account.”

The contract obtained by this magazine includes Yuuki’s and A Corporation’s representative’s names, along with Rokudaira’s name and electronic signature as the guarantor.

“The day after the transfer, we received evidence from him showing that he had spent the money to acquire the rights. He sent us records of the transfer of 200 million yen to the cooperating company in Korea, along with bank statements as proof.”

The investment deal seemed to have been settled smoothly, but two months after the contract was signed, in June, the payment of dividends began to be delayed.

“When I contacted Yuuki, he replied that ‘the venue had changed, and we couldn’t gather sponsors.’ Since the dividends were not being paid, we started our own verification process.”

It was then revealed that there were suspicions of embezzlement of the investment funds by Yuuki.

“When we contacted the parties to whom the money was supposed to be transferred, they replied that ‘there was no deposit of 200 million yen.’ So, at the end of last year, when we asked him for an explanation again, he confessed that ‘actually, the 200 million yen was used for a different purpose.’ Eventually, it turned out that all the transfer records and bank statements were forged. According to him, while some of the 200 million yen was handed over in cash to the parties in Korea, the remaining 180 million yen was used for repaying debts and lending to acquaintances, but the truth of this statement is also uncertain.”

In response to these allegations, what does Rokudaira have to say? When the agency was contacted, they acknowledged the trouble and stated that the person himself responded to the interview.

In the April 26 issue of “FRIDAY” magazine, released on April 12, Rokudaira details the truth behind the suspicions. The paid edition “FRIDAY GOLD” also includes photos of contracts that further corroborate the suspicions of fraud by Yuuki.

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Yuki’s LINE profile picture. Repayment of the approximately 200 million yen in investments he embezzled has yet to proceed.
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