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Surprising Reason Behind Illegal Scouts Harassing Women in their 20s at Ebisu Station

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Ishizuka suspect stalked a woman at Ebisu Station

“I’m scouting for the nightlife industry, but have you ever considered switching jobs, sister?”

“If you have a day job, there are lounges where you can work once or twice a week.”

The man persistently solicited the woman.

On April 5th, the Shibuya Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced the arrest of Maru Ishizuka (25), a resident of Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, on suspicion of violating the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Nuisance Prevention Ordinance (solicitation activities for cabarets, etc.). Ishizuka, the suspect, is alleged to have approached a woman in her twenties, referred to as Ms. A, at JR Ebisu Station in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, persistently saying, “I’m a scout.”

“The incident leading to the arrest occurred on the night of March 28th. Since February of this year, multiple complaints and reports have been made to the police by several women stating that they had been approached repeatedly by scouts and experienced frightening encounters around Ebisu Station. In response to these complaints, police officers patrolled the station and its vicinity. They spotted Ishizuka, who was persistently following Ms. A, and arrested him on the spot for the offense.”


The Troubles That Followed One Another


Our magazine photographer captured Ishizuka, who was being sent for questioning. He briefly glanced at the gathered press before quickly lowering his gaze as he was escorted to the rear seat of the transport vehicle.

According to police investigation, Ishizuka has admitted to the crime. Why was he scouting at Ebisu Station, which is surrounded by trendy restaurants and upscale residential areas? Regarding this question, he reportedly made the following statement:

“Ebisu has many elegant women. However, I have never succeeded in scouting anyone before.”

Troubles between scouts, adult entertainment establishments, and the women they approach are frequently reported.

“There are often discrepancies between the promises made during the solicitation and the actual working conditions. Many cases involve lower wages than promised, imposition of sales quotas, and being forced to work longer hours or days than expected. I’ve heard there are even cases where women are coerced into prostitution because they couldn’t meet their quotas.” (same source)

Police are urging people to be cautious and not easily accept solicitations from scouts.

Suspect Ishizuka wiping his face in the transfer vehicle
Soliciting women in the station at night.
He chose Ebisu Station for an unexpected reason.
A “No touting” sign posted at Ebisu Station
  • PHOTO Shinji Hasuo

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