Ex-Boyfriend Shares ‘Promo Style’ Photos from Saya Kaisha Kanda, Heralding Comeback Countdown | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ex-Boyfriend Shares ‘Promo Style’ Photos from Saya Kaisha Kanda, Heralding Comeback Countdown

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Saya Kaisha and Takahisa Maeyama in Pajamas, Playfully Jesting.

Former actor Gohisa Maeyama, the eldest daughter of Masateru Kanda and Seiko Matsuda, and former boyfriend of Sayaka Kanda (35 years old) who passed away suddenly in December 2009, posted a black-and-white photo on Instagram that appears to be a promotional photo.

Kanda Saya, the eldest daughter of Kanda Masaki and Matsuda Seiko, passed away suddenly in December 2021 at the age of 35. Her former partner, former actor Maeyama Takahisa, posted a monochrome promotional-style photo on Instagram.

“In the shot, he gazes at the camera with his chin resting on his hand, giving off a cool impression despite his expressionless face. Wearing a black shirt with no background, it looks like a photo taken in a studio,” commented a female magazine journalist.

After Kanda’s passing, Maeyama had suspended his entertainment activities due to poor health. In June 2022, he left a major talent agency and essentially retired from the entertainment industry. While he hadn’t been actively engaged in public activities, he started his Instagram account on his birthday in February this year, stating, “I’m Takahisa Maeyama. Today, I turn 33. I hope to pursue the things I want to do from now on.”

Subsequently, he posted photos of innocuous landscapes and sweets without any comments, and eventually closed the comment section while only sharing photos without any personal commentary.

In the midst of this, Maeyama made his first public appearance on March 20th since the incident. The photo was taken at the Umeda Arts Theater in Osaka, the venue for the stage play “My Fair Lady,” in which he was supposed to co-star with Kanda. He only commented “HOPE” and the photo seemed to be taken by someone else, not a selfie, indicating that he had made a deliberate trip to Osaka for the occasion.

“During their relationship, Maeyama claimed they broke up, but leaked LINE messages showed him trying to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend, and ‘Shukan Bunshun’ magazine reported on voicemails where he verbally abused her. Because of these incidents, public perception of him isn’t favorable.

Although he appeared to be in a sentimental mood, some may interpret his posting of photos related to Kanda as a kind of ‘hint.’ Considering what happened, not many people seem to sympathize with him,” commented the aforementioned female magazine journalist.

Afterwards, Maeyama continued to periodically post single-shot photos on his Instagram, and finally uploaded a promotional-style photo. The comment section remains closed, perhaps to prevent further controversy.

However, on social media, there are many harsh comments such as,

“No way, he’s showing up again. I can’t support him after seeing what came out publicly.”

“I don’t want to see him. Never come back to the public eye.”

“I’ll never forgive Takahisa Maeyama.”

“After Saya Kaisha’s passing, both her father, Masaki Kanda, and her mother, Seiko Matsuda, were deeply shocked. Kanda’s health deteriorated to the point where he took a break from regular TV appearances, and to cope with her grief, Matsuda concentrated on her studies and graduated from Chuo University’s Faculty of Law distance learning program last month.

We don’t know what Maeyama thinks, but if he returns to the public eye, it may bring back the sadness they experienced when they lost Saya. Of course, he must have been shocked too, but his posts that seem to allude to Saya raise eyebrows among many in the industry,” said an entertainment industry insider.

Maeyama’s photo has received over 1000 likes. Despite public criticism, as long as he has passionate fans, the allure of the entertainment industry may lure him back. Perhaps a full-fledged comeback is imminent.

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