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Chaotic Welcome in Airport Lobby Sparks Enthusiasm for Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead Star

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Norman Reedus on a private visit to Japan

In the middle of March night, a crowd gathered at the arrival gate of the international terminal at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. After a while, a nice guy with shoulder-length blond straight hair emerged. It was Hollywood actor Norman Reedus (55).

“Known as a model for fashion brands such as Prada and Durban since the 90s, he has also appeared in supporting roles in Hollywood movies. What made his name globally recognized was the television drama series ‘The Walking Dead,’ which began airing in the 2010s on a US cable television network. He gained popularity in the role of Daryl Dixon, one of the main characters, and appeared in all series up to the final Season 11,” says a movie magazine editor.

For game fans, he is also known for his role as Sam “Porter” Bridges, the protagonist of Kojima Productions’ popular game “Death Stranding.” Although Norman’s visit to Japan this time was for a private trip with his wife Diane Kruger and others, it seems puzzling why so many people gathered.

“A few hours before arriving in Japan, he posted a photo on his own social media enjoying Asahi Super Dry and watching Godzilla on the plane. Enthusiastic fans who saw this reacted on social media, saying things like ‘Is this on the plane heading to Japan?’ It seems they gathered at the airport after seeing that,” the aforementioned editor explains.

Fans’ enthusiasm never fails to surprise, but Norman, who appeared in the lobby, briefly showed a surprised expression before walking up to fans, shaking hands, and signing autographs. Norman, who is known to have lived in Nara City, Chiba Prefecture, due to his mother’s circumstances when he was around 16 to 17 years old, is known to have an affinity for Japan. This time, he visited “Unko Museum TOKYO” and “Tokyo Disneyland” in Odaiba with Diane and others, and it seems he thoroughly enjoyed sightseeing in Japan.

Soon, filming will begin for the third installment of Norman’s produced and starring movie series “The Executioner.” The cult favorite “The Executioner” from 1999 and the globally acclaimed “The Executioner II” have fans eagerly awaiting this installment, which marks a return after a gap of 15 years. Fans can’t wait for the day when they can immerse themselves in Norman’s rugged charm.

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Norman Reedus poses for a photo with a fan
Norman Reedus, also popular in the “The Executioner” movie series

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