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Nanako Matsushima’s “Gorgeous Kimono in Off-White” Delights Fans!

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Matsushima during her attendance at the Cannes Film Festival (AFLO)

Actress Nanako Matsushima’s “gorgeous kimono in off-white color that is too beautiful” is the talk of the town. It was published in the Winter 2021 issue of the magazine “Beautiful Kimono”.

Kyoko Fukada is on the cover of the issue, and Matsushima, who is said to have gotten her third break since “Housekeeper Mita” in 2011, also appears on the inside of the magazine in a six-page article. Matsushima has been getting a lot of exposure lately, with a string of commercials, and there are rumors that she may soon be chosen to play the lead in a serial drama for the first time since “Mita”. It’s a treasure trove of a book featuring two of the biggest actresses of our time.

The title of Matsushima’s project is “Nanako Matsushima dresses to enjoy ‘color,'” and she says, “I have put together a seasonal coordination of kimonos chosen from the colors that are currently in the spotlight. Actress Nanako Matsushima wears it in an urban style” (from the magazine).

Matsushima wears a series of vivid kimonos in cream, pink-beige, and dark green. The innovative design of the kimonos is eye-catching, but the mature sexiness that Matsushima exudes is what makes us sigh. Of all the kimonos Matsushima has worn, the one that left the biggest impression on me was the off-white kimono.

It’s a visiting kimono with a gray field on an off-white background, representing Christmas roses. The flowers were only slightly yellowed, and the kimono was finished in a monotone without adding any color, and a light pink obi was added for a classy look in light colors” (from the magazine).

Dressed in an off-white kimono, Matsushima straightens her back and smiles gently for the camera. The ring on the middle finger of her left hand and the small silver handbag she holds in both hands are both from Bulgari. The ring costs 1,210,000 yen and the bag 313,500 yen. So glamorous, I can’t get enough!

Matsushima is currently appearing in the drama “SUPER RICH” (Fuji TV) that started on October 14. Noriko Eguchi, a popular actress, plays the role of “Glacier Mamoru,” the maverick female president of a venture company. Matsushima plays the role of Satomi Shimatani, an overly beautiful super career woman who is a senior colleague of the main character. Her role as a director of a major IT company, MEDIA, is attracting a lot of attention.

We can’t take our eyes off Matsushima any more. ……!

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