Abortion without anesthesia…A female soldier who defected from North Korea talks about the reality of her fierce sexual assault | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Abortion without anesthesia…A female soldier who defected from North Korea talks about the reality of her fierce sexual assault

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Many female soldiers in North Korea are said to be victims of sexual assault (Image: AFP/Afro)

The first time I was sexually assaulted was when I was 23 years old. I was 23 years old when I was sexually assaulted. A high-ranking officer in my unit forced me to have a relationship with him. …… When a person in power, who has influence over military personnel, asks you for your body, you have no choice. If you refuse, there is no future for you.

In an online interview with HRNK, a U.S. human rights organization, Janifer Kim, a woman who defected from North Korea, said that she had been a member of the Korean People’s Army for six years. Ms. Kim is a former female soldier who served in the Korean People’s Army for six years. During her time in the army, she was the victim of a fierce sexual assault by her superiors. Ms. Kim continues her confession.

I was sexually assaulted, and I became pregnant. However, a military medical officer forced me to have an abortion. …… I underwent the operation without anesthesia. It is still hard for me to remember that time. From now on, I will not be able to get pregnant or have a happy married life. It’s really painful. ……〉

Kim said that she was not the only victim of sexual assault.

I think 70 percent of the female soldiers in North Korea were victims of sexual assault and other violations.

In exchange for food and better treatment: ……

In North Korea, consideration was first given to making military service compulsory for women around 2003, with implementation scheduled for April 2007, and in earnest this year. The main reason is that the number of male soldiers is decreasing due to a decline in the birth rate, but the increase in the number of female soldiers has caused many problems. One of them is “sexual assault,” which Kim confessed that many women have been victims of.

One of them is sexual assault, which many women have confessed to being victims of. It’s so bad that there is no end to the number of female soldiers who desert. In October 2006, the international human rights NGO Human Rights Watch released a report titled “The Reality of Sexual Violence in North Korea,” in which it reported on the graphic sexual damage.

In the military, food is scarce and many soldiers are malnourished. It is said that there are many superiors who seek relationships in exchange for food. It is also said that they are sometimes forced to make “sexual payments” in exchange for joining the elite course of the Workers’ Party of Korea or for better treatment. The military has been increasing the number of women-only units to avoid such situations, but this has not been very effective,” said a reporter from a South Korean newspaper.

(South Korean reporter) North Korean officials are not overlooking the disorderly morals in the military. Kim Yo Jong, the younger sister of leader Kim Jong Un, is at the forefront of the crackdown.

She uses the secret police to censor any wrongdoing. Normally, if you give money or goods to the censors, they will tamper with them. Normally, if you give money or goods to the censor, he will do something about it, but not with Mr. Yosho. He is trying to thoroughly change public morals, and the military leaders seem to be in a state of trepidation.

The North Korean military is not very conscious of human rights for women. Will the strict crackdown by the female officer, Yosong, be able to improve the nature of the military?

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