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The Arrest of Former Chancellor Tanaka of Nihon University Reveals! Fierce pressure on affiliated high schools

The former chancellor of Nihon University, Hidetoshi Tanaka, was arrested for tax evasion.

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In 1995, former Chancellor Tanaka was photographed at a training camp in Aomori Prefecture. He was wearing a mawashi (belt) and practicing on the members of the sumo team.

Former Chancellor Hidetoshi Tanaka, 75, who ruled Nihon University for a long time, has finally fallen into the hands of the magistrate. With this “fall,” many things have begun to move. An alumnus of Nihon University tells us.

Tanaka, who was expected to hold on to his position as chancellor even after his arrest, resigned on December 1. It is also true that there has been a change in the way Nihon University has handled the matter so far, as the university has announced that it will submit a damage report regarding the breach of trust case.

Until now, it has been considered the biggest taboo to talk about negative information about former chancellor Tanaka among the people related to Nihon University. However, with the recent arrest, people who had been keeping their mouths shut are gradually starting to talk. A person involved in the American football team, who has a close relationship with Nihon University, told us.

About eight years ago, there was an incident at Sakuragaoka High School in Sakurajosui, Tokyo, an affiliate school of Nihon University. At that time, the football team of Nihon University was weaker than before, and if there was a good player on the football team of an affiliate school, they were eager to make sure he would go to Nihon University. At that time, a promising player on the Sakuragaoka High School football team expressed an interest in going to Keio University. In response, the upper management at Nihon University was furious.

A parent of a member of the Sakuragaoka High School football team recalls.

Our son was in his second year of high school. Our son was in his second year of high school. The Sakuragaoka High School football team had been using a field in Shimotakaido, but that right was suddenly revoked by Nihon University. After that, the team members were only allowed to practice on tennis courts and sometimes on concrete, which was a terrible environment.

Some of the players even suffered serious facial fractures due to practicing in unfamiliar environments. The ban on the use of the ground lasted for at least two years. Sakuragaoka High School was a regular participant in the Kanto Tournament and a powerhouse, but this incident quickly weakened the school.

At the time, this “intense pressure” was led by Masato Uchida, the former coach of the Nihon University football team. Uchida was the coach of the team at the time of the “murder tackle” incident that occurred in 2006. Above all, he was an important figure in the Tanaka faction. A football insider said.

The Sakuragaoka High School ground ban incident was the work of Uchida, backed by Tanaka’s prestige. At that time, Mr. Y, who was the coach of the football team at Nihon University Tsurugaoka High School, couldn’t bear to see such a situation, so he let the members of the Sakuragaoka High School team use the Tsurugaoka High School ground. This was seen by the upper echelons of Nihon University as ‘taking a stand against them’, and he was later transferred to a local affiliated school that did not have a football team. He was even given an unusual warning by the university that he would not be allowed to teach alumni of Nihon University.

He had absolute power. When we confirmed these facts with the Public Relations Division of the Planning and Public Relations Department of Nihon University, they said

The university is not aware of any such facts.

The university is not aware of any such facts,” was the only reply. An alumni of Nihon University says, “Former Chancellor Tanaka was a member of Nihon University.

Former Chancellor Tanaka had a strong influence on the Health and Physical Education Department of Nihon University. Shortly before his arrest, he transferred a former member of his staff to a different department and promoted him. It is whispered that this was a measure to preserve his power even after his arrest. Tanaka has reigned over the university for 20 years, and his influence extends over a wide range of people, including staff, faculty, and alumni. I don’t think he will change that easily.

The “don” is still a “don” even if it has fallen.

The “murder tackle” incident by the Nihon University football team in 2006. The power of coach Masato Uchida, who was a member of the “Tanaka Faction,” was discussed.
The Sakuragaoka High School ground was banned. The current number of players on the football team is only about 20, and the team has not regained its former strength.

From the December 24, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

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