Overseas expansion, animal protection… The secret of Fumi Nikaido’s “aura” despite her busy schedule | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Overseas expansion, animal protection… The secret of Fumi Nikaido’s “aura” despite her busy schedule

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Nikaido’s style is not to disguise himself with a hat or sunglasses. This is a unique T-shirt, taken in May 2007.

The Addams Family 2″, based on an animated film that started in the 1930s, will be released in theaters on January 28, 2008. The highlight of the movie is the dubbed version with Anne as the mom, Katsuhisa Namase as the dad, and Fumi Nikaido (27) as the sister. While in Canada, Nikaido participated in the filming of the American TV drama “Shogun SHOGUN. She is rumored to be making a full-fledged foray overseas as an actress.

I would like to introduce the charm of Nikaido, a famous actress who is active globally, with her treasured photos.

What is unique about Nikaido is her excellent fashion sense. It was in May of 2007 that I discovered Nikaido wearing a T-shirt with “Kamata Onsen” written in large letters across her chest. She entered a pet store in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, and bought a large amount of dog food and toys for dogs. When a French bulldog that another customer was carrying approached him, he responded with a big smile.

Love for Animals Spoken in Direct Response

Nikaido said joyfully, “I’ve found a foster home for my dog! Photo taken in March 2009.
Nikaido said joyfully, “I’ve found a foster home for my dog! Photo taken in March 2009.

Nikaido’s love for dogs is well known in the entertainment industry. In addition to her busy schedule as an actress, she is also involved in shelter dog and cat activities.

In March 2009, Nikaido was seen walking with her two dogs in a residential area in Shibuya Ward. Since the end of 2008, Nikaido has been temporarily taking care of two more shelter dogs, but she never misses her morning and evening walks and actively posts about animal welfare on social networking sites.

When I approached her, she responded cheerfully.

–She has been taking care of shelter dogs, Mochi and Mame, since the end of 2008, right?

I’ve already found a foster home for Mochi, and I’m still looking for a home for Mame. But it may take some time.

A unique artist having a drink at a bar

Nikaido and Hama left the bar after 11:00 pm. This photo was taken in August 2007.

On a night in August 2007, I saw Nikaido walk into an atmospheric Japanese restaurant in Aoyama, Tokyo, which looks like an old Japanese house that has been renovated.

The restaurant is a hideaway with completely private rooms, so I thought it might be a date, but it was an unexpected person who left the restaurant with Nikaido after 11 o’clock. It was the musician Hama Okamoto. He is the bassist of the rock band OKAMOTO’S, and is also known as the eldest son of Masanori Hamada and Natsumi Ogawa of Downtown.

Hamada is highly regarded for his abilities and has participated in recordings and live performances for a variety of artists. He is also active in a wide range of fields, including radio personality. He and Nikaido belong to the same agency and used to perform together on a weekly radio show.

The three of them also had a good time at a nearby bar, where they were joined by DJ Rickax, who is also a graduate of Keio University.

Nikaido’s private life is devoted to animal welfare, and he is also active overseas. It looks like he will continue to have a busy but fulfilling life, traveling between Japan and other countries.

Nikaido returns to the car after dinner. She looks great in a chic dress and boots. photo taken in September 2006.
Nikaido and Gordon Maeda look glaring at each other. They were wearing face shields when they were called for a cut.
A late-night girls’ night out in Mishuku, Tokyo, in January 2007.
After shopping at an electronics retail store in Shinjuku, Tokyo, they leave the store.
Nikaido is spotted on the street in Tokyo in November 2009.
Nikaido comes out of a pet store with a bunch of plastic bags in her hands! Taken in January 2008.
  • Photography Yuri Adachi, Takao Kawakami, Yusuke Kondo, Yasuko Sakaguchi, Sota Shima, Keisuke Nishi

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