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Fukumoto Daiharu’s Timing Astounds Amidst “Ae! Group” May Debut

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Fans are raising mixed reactions to the publicized X, believed to be former “Ae! group” member Fukumoto Daiharu

“This incident was caused entirely by me.”

Former “Ae! group” member, believed to be Fukumoto Daiki, has garnered attention by launching an X account.

In a post that reads, “Fukumoto Daiki here. To all the fans, and everyone involved,” an image with what appears to be a handwritten message is attached.

“I believe it is necessary for me to personally apologize and explain to the fans and everyone involved about the incident that led to my departure from the previous agency.

However, due to the privacy concerns and wishes of the individuals involved, I will refrain from providing specific details. I apologize.” 

He wrote, admitting his wrongdoing.

Fukumoto, originally from Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, was a member of Kansai Juniors under the former Johnny’s agency, SMILE-UP. He had some television exposure, serving as a Monday commentator on the long-running Kansai morning show “Ohayo Asahi desu” (Asahi Broadcasting, Kansai local), as well as appearing on “Asa Para S” (Yomiuri TV, Kansai local), hosted by the comedy duo “High Heel.”

However, on December 30th last year, SMILE-UP. announced the termination of his management contract due to compliance violations. This abrupt turn of events led to the departure of the promising young idol from both programs, and he disappeared from the entertainment industry.

“Compliance means to comply with the law, so it’s likely some violation was committed. Since Fukumoto is 24 years old, it shouldn’t be related to alcohol or smoking issues.

The statement mentioning the privacy and wishes of the relevant parties suggests it’s not something done alone but rather someone else may have been involved. There’s speculation on social media and elsewhere that it could be related to trouble with acquaintances or a romantic partner.”

Fukumoto hasn’t mentioned anything about entertainment activities. Although he lost the support of the former Johnny’s, he already has many fans, so there are many voices of joy for his resumption of activities, especially online.

Immediately after the announcement, “Fukumoto Daiki” started trending on X. However, when searching for “Fukumoto Daiki” on X, countless posts with the same content are found:

“Apparently Fukumoto Daiki is coming back, but is it true? Since it’s not certain if it’s really him, I hope they clarify! If Daiki-kun, who had his contract terminated, is returning, that would be great, but.”

It’s not certain whether these posts are by Impressionists or if someone is manipulating trends, but the possibility cannot be ruled out.

While there are fans eagerly awaiting his return, there are also many fans expressing discomfort with his posting just before the debut of Ae! group on May 15th. Nevertheless, Fukumoto’s decision to comment on X might have its own strategic considerations.


“Despite being labeled with the ‘compliance violation’ stigma and disappearing from the public eye, he chose to issue an apology statement. If this was indeed done by him personally, even creating an account to announce it, then the possibility of him returning to the entertainment industry is high.


Despite being a junior, he has many devoted fans, so if he were to hold live performances or fan meetings, he could earn a substantial income without worry. Moreover, with the debut of ‘Ae! group,’ attention will naturally turn to Fukumoto as well. So, it seems like his return schedule was carefully calculated.”


Former Johnny’s members are also gradually becoming independent and pursuing solo careers. Fukumoto’s ability to survive in the entertainment industry seems to depend on his efforts from now on.

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