Nakamura Shikan, who is reported to have multiple affairs… “Past accident history” that a person involved in a pear orchard fears “speeding is more dangerous than adultery”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nakamura Shikan, who is reported to have multiple affairs… “Past accident history” that a person involved in a pear orchard fears “speeding is more dangerous than adultery”.

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Both adultery and traffic violations should be restrained before they become a big deal… (Photo: The couple at the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” in ’13)

Kabuki actor Nakamura Shikan VIII (58) was reported to have had an affair for the fourth time.

According to the “Shukan Post” (April 12-19, ’24 issue), in early March, he put his adulterous partner in the passenger seat of the car he was driving and headed to an apartment in Atami that the woman rented. This is the fourth time in two years that Shiba Wan has been reported to be having an affair.

The first affair was in 2004, right before the “Nakamura Shikan Succession Reveal. The second was in January 2009. She was a fan of his. At the end of the same year, it was reported that he had an affair with a woman in her 40s in the apparel industry, and it seems that it was this woman again. In the spring of 2010, Shikan began living separately from his wife Hiroko Mita, 58, at a separate house in Tokyo. He may continue to give priority to his life with this woman.

Mita, who has supported Shiba Wan for many years as the wife of Nashien, has so far tacitly approved of her husband’s infidelity, almost as if she were half admitting it. In the case of the latest affair, Mita told the magazine, “I am not a fan of the Narikomaya affair,

I have married into Narikomaya, and as a wife and mother of three sons, I intend to continue to support the family kabuki business to the best of my ability. I would appreciate your understanding.

I hope you will understand. The people involved in the Pearson’s garden have not seen it as a problem, saying, “As long as his wife allows it, ……”. Some of them also sent messages to ……, such as this one.

Some people have said, “Well, this is the fourth time, isn’t he just trying to create a controversy?” Some people are even sarcastic. Some people are cynical, saying, “Well, it’s the fourth time, so isn’t he just making a big deal out of it? This time, too, he will be performing with his sons Nakamura Hashinosuke (28) and Nakamura Utanosuke (22) in “April Grand Kabuki,” which opened at the Kabuki-za in April. The fact that this is just before the show will no doubt increase the number of visitors.

Kabuki fans will be more inclined to see Mr. Shiba Wan if the topic is something like this, saying, “Compared to Ichikawa Chuguruma (58) and Ichikawa Ennosuke (48), this is not so bad at all. Mr. Shikan himself is not resting on his laurels of popularity, but even though he says with his mouth, ‘I will reflect on my actions,’ I don’t think he cares at all,” said another person involved with the narien (pear orchard).

(Another person involved in the pears garden). However, even the normally nonchalant people involved in the pears garden were unable to tolerate the incident. One such incident was a speeding violation by Shikan when he was on his way to Atami with a woman. According to the article, the car he was driving was stopped by the police on a two-lane road with an 80-km speed limit. The speed was nearly 120 km/h, according to the article.

Shawan’s office responded to the magazine’s interview,

As for the speeding violation, he was driving alone on his way to a friend’s house and apparently drove too fast, and he regrets it.

He has expressed his regret over the incident.

In fact, Mr. Shikan had an accident in 2006. When he parked his car at home, he accidentally hit Hashinosuke’s car. (Nippon Television Network Corporation, broadcast on June 25, 2006). He spoke about the episode on “PON!” (Nippon Television Network Corporation, broadcast on June 25, 2006), saying, “In my 50-odd years of life, I have never felt like I did something so bad. However, the recent speeding report made me think that he had not learned his lesson.

But this time, I felt that he had not learned his lesson. Many people from the pear orchard expressed their relief, saying, “I’m just glad that he didn’t hit anyone. I hope they hire a driver or something before they have a big accident.

One of the proprietresses looked dismayed.

Incidentally, Shiba Wan’s favorite car is the “Abarth 595” series, which is a tuned-up version of the popular Italian car “Fiat 500,” known by the nickname “Cinquecento. It is known among car enthusiasts as a car that specializes in driving. If you look around you, you would know that scandals are only as good as the people around you who worry about them.

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