Scoop] “Dareka to Nakai” New MC is Muro Tsuyoshi! The “Surprising Reason” why they decided to replace Kazuya Ninomiya. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Scoop] “Dareka to Nakai” New MC is Muro Tsuyoshi! The “Surprising Reason” why they decided to replace Kazuya Ninomiya.

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Murotsuyoshi to take over as the program’s new MC

Actor Kazunari Ninomiya (40) graduated as MC of “Dareka to Nakai” (Fuji Television Network) after the March 31 broadcast.

The program started last April as “Matsumo to Nakai”, in which “Downtown” members Hitoshi Matsumoto (60) and Masahiro Nakai (51) invite superb guests to talk each episode. It marked high viewer ratings, but Matsumoto suspended his entertainment activities and stepped down as MC after a sex-abuse report by “Weekly Bunshun”. The program was to continue under a new title, and Ninomiya was cast as Matsumoto’s successor.

Ninomiya-san has served as MC since the February 4 episode. In his last appearance on the March 31 broadcast, he confessed his fee for this program and asked Nakai-san, ‘Isn’t it not much different from mine? Not that different, is it? Not much different from this kid, huh? He was even confronted with such questions as, “You don’t look so different from me,” and “You’re not so different from this kid, are you?

Ninomiya has served as MC for seven episodes since the February 4 broadcast.

Ninomiya appeared as a guest on the January 28 broadcast. However, he later confessed on his radio program that he had already recorded his first episode as MC on the day this episode was broadcast. A senior entertainment executive recalls.

About a week after the recording of the guest episode, the production side asked Nakai-san if he would be interested in being the MC. The production side asked if Mr. Nakai and I could be the MC. I heard that the recording of the episode in which Mr. Ninomiya appeared as a guest was so exciting that the staff decided to give it a shot.

Despite the fact that MC Ninomiya was so well-received that his first broadcast as MC marked a household viewership rating of 7.4%, why was he replaced after only seven appearances?

Nakai, who has been MC since the program’s inception.

A staff member at the production company tells the story behind the change.

The reason is that Mr. Ninomiya will be starring in the Sunday drama “Blackpean Season 2” (TBS) in the July season. Both of them air on Sundays at 9:00 p.m., so there will be a backstage conflict. In addition, since a drama in which he plays the lead role requires long hours of filming even before it airs, there was a discussion within the station to bring in a new MC as soon as possible.

As for the new MC, Nakai hinted on the March 31 broadcast that he is a “goofball,” that he “must be anxious,” and that he and Ninomiya are close enough to have dinner together. In response, a battle of predictions ensued among viewers. Who would replace him? A senior entertainment executive confides, “Actor Muro Tsuyoshi.

Actor Muro Tsuyoshi (48). He appeared as a guest in the first episode of the renewed “Dareka to Nakai” with SANDWICHMAN, and had a light-hearted exchange with Nakai. It is also possible that Mr. Muro himself had developed a desire to include work outside of acting.”

When Muro made a guest appearance, he exclaimed in the studio, “Why did you make Muro the first guest! he exclaimed in the studio, drawing laughter. The first episode of the program will be aired on April 14 (Sun.), and you may see Muro in the MC’s seat, exclaiming to himself, “Why did you make Muro the MC!” and self-deprecating, “Why did you make Muro the MC?

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