Influencer Takizawa Galeso’s “account banned” due to X’s “freeze fest” (100 followers disappeared). | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Influencer Takizawa Galeso’s “account banned” due to X’s “freeze fest” (100 followers disappeared).

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X owner Elon Musk, who stated that “the banning of bots and trolls (trolls) is underway in (X’s) system.”

On April 5, the words “freeze fest” entered the X trends.

One after another, X accounts are being frozen. What on earth is going on?

I checked X’s posts and found the following

I lost about 100 followers from yesterday to today. I don’t have to tell you that it was spam.

The spam accounts have been frozen, or perhaps the number of followers has decreased.

In addition

It’s like a spring freeze festival, and if you report porn or spam accounts, they get frozen more and more, so I’m reporting them as fast as I can.

If you report them to the management, the suspicious accounts will be frozen more and more.

Some users have uploaded a scanned copy of the notification saying, “We have the latest information about your report. In other words, they are reporting that the account they reported has been “frozen” by the management. Recently, the number of users making money by uploading impressions has become a social problem, so they may have taken countermeasures against it,” said a writer familiar with IT.

Since last October, X has had a system of paid members, whose users receive advertising revenue based on the number of times their posts are viewed. Influencers, or even ordinary users who get a buzz, can never earn enough to live on.

But in developing countries, it is different. X is growing because it is a system that allows people to earn money from buzz without spending much effort.

There are many people who post false information without following the rules. At the time of the Noto Peninsula earthquake, there were many posts asking people to spread the word about their addresses, such as “My family is stranded at home and trapped under the house,” etc. However, in some malicious cases, the location of the posters’ profiles showed that they were from abroad, and they usually do not post in Japanese at all. There were also malicious cases.

It seems that they are copying the text of other people’s posts that have a large number of views and posting them in Japanese. After Elon Musk made it a paid service, X has become a lawless zone,” said a writer who is familiar with IT.

Are they freezing problem accounts from one side to the other for this kind of countermeasure?

Takizawa Galeso, one of the most influential influencers on X in Japan, also stopped displaying his posts on the 4th. Although his profile is displayed

The post cannot be loaded.

and the content cannot be viewed.

The day before, he had posted a video of a molested businessman and revealed that he had received a request to delete this video, but it was frozen at that moment, perhaps because he was reported.

The account was deleted on the 5th, and the banning order was removed.

It is highly likely that he has been banned. Various information is mixed, but it seems that the ban was restored on the following day, the 6th.

Did the “freezing festival” really improve X?

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