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The “Suport!” Theme Song Singing is an Unexpected Centerpiece! A sense of breakthrough for Fuji’s Minami Sakuma

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Anna Sakuma during the live broadcast of the Tokyo Marathon in March 2011.

Fuji Television’s sports information program “Suport! was revived for the first time in eight years and started on March 31. Until 2004, the program had aired on Monday through Thursday and late Saturday and Sunday nights, but the revived version will air late Saturday and late Sunday nights.

The comedy duo Chidori (Sunday edition only) has been appointed as the “captain,” the new face of the program. The anchors will be Minami Sakuma (26) and Ryoka Matsuzaki (24) from the previous “S-PARK” program, and Daijiro Enami from the evening news program “Live News It! (……). “Currently, Chidori is not a terrestrial TV station, but a terrestrial TV station that is a member of the Chidori group.

Currently, Chidori appears in 10 regular terrestrial programs, five of which are on Fuji Television, including Kansai Television. On Sundays, ‘Chidori no Kussego! is aired every week and “Chidori no Onirenchan” every other week. It is quite unusual to have three programs featuring the same talent on Sunday nights alone.

Originally, Daigo (44) and Nobu (44) were questioned for being appointed as captains, despite the fact that they did not have the image of sports comedians. Then, on March 31, the two were suddenly absent from the broadcast and not in the studio, a situation that drew criticism.

(Reporter in charge of broadcasting) The key to regaining popularity is likely to be Sakuma, who is the main anchor of the program on Sundays. She joined the company in April 2008, and in April 2010, her third year with the company, she took over as the main anchor of “S-PARK” from Aimi Miyashi (32), her senior, and has been showing her ability.

The name “Minami” comes from “Minami Asakura” in “Touch” written by Mitsuru Adachi, and she had a connection to sports, having done rhythmic gymnastics for six years. While at Sophia University, she received the “Sophia University Academic Excellence Award,” which is given to undergraduates with extremely outstanding academic performance, and won the Grand Prix in the “Miss Sophia Contest 2018” during her junior year of college.

She lived in Pennsylvania, USA from the age of 12 to 16 due to her parents’ work, so her English is on par with native English speakers. After being appointed as the main anchor of “S-PARK,” she often quotes phrases from sports-related articles in English with Japanese translations during live broadcasts.

She can also conduct interviews and interviews in English herself, so it is likely that she will be reporting on the site of the Olympics in Paris, France this summer. It is rare to find a young station staff member who can do this well, and his skills as an announcer are improving. I can hear people around her saying, ‘I hope they don’t take her out of the sports business.

It is not only her work ability. She has also been working on the theme song “Our Time” for the new “Suport! s theme song “Our Time” by herself. The song is composed by miwa (33), a singer-songwriter who made headlines last month when she announced her divorce from former swimmer and Rio Olympics gold medalist Kosuke Hagino (29). She also participates as a chorus singer. In the past, Fuji had a history of allowing female TV announcers to work as MCs for their own TV programs, singing, dancing, and other talent-like duties as part of its “female announcer kingdom,” but there have been few examples of this in recent years.

Sakuma was originally known for her singing ability through videos uploaded to Fuji’s official YouTube channel, but she probably didn’t expect to sing the theme song for her own TV show. However, it turned out to be a surprising “highlight” of the program.

With singing ability on par with professional singers and excellent pitch, it would be a hit if she uploaded a video of her singing on YouTube, and she could make her debut as a singer with the same song, or even hold an event to debut as a singer. It seems that the upper management is hoping that this will be the start of a big breakthrough.

Although she has been popular in some quarters, Sakuma has so far been less impressive than her fellow Mezamashi Family members Nagisa Watanabe (26) and Eriko Komuro (25), who was selected to replace Yumi Nagashima at Mezamashi 8 a year later. However, she is expected to have a big breakthrough. However, she has a good feeling that she is about to get her big break.

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While waiting for the live broadcast, he was looking over the material with a serious expression on his face.
Announcer Sakuma on her way to the station in a hurry to get to work. She was in her second year with the company and was a field anchor for “Live News It! (October 1, ’21 issue).
From Minami Sakuma’s Instagram (@sakuma_minami)
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