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The unique “ethics” of married women who insist on “no rubber” on matching apps.

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More and more married couples are turning to matching apps to find a “second partner. (Image for reference only)

The number of people contracting sexually transmitted diseases, particularly syphilis, is on the rise. According to data from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, the number of cases of syphilis in 2011 was 14,906 (preliminary figures), a record high for the third consecutive year.

The problem is that young people are the main cause of syphilis, according to the data from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, and the number of cases has increased for three consecutive years. It is true that the problem is widespread, especially among young people. Although it is highly likely that STDs are spread mainly among young people, the number of middle-aged and older women who contract STDs is actually increasing. One of the sources of this outbreak may be “married matching app” users.

Married women matching apps started their services around ’21. Recently, they have attracted attention as a tool for finding a second partner after a married female influencer declared, “I have a second partner. Married women’s matching apps do not actively encourage physical relationships, but rather, they are designed to be “second partners” (i.e., more than friends and less than lovers). However, there have been many cases in which men and women who have met through matching have had a physical relationship. If that were all, the problem would be the “reality.

Ms. A, a woman in her mid-30s who uses a certain married couples matching app, testified as follows.

I signed up for an app thinking it would be a place to find a “second partner,” in other words, someone with whom I could have dinner or a short date, but there were many people who were looking for a physical relationship. If the person is good, I think it’s possible to have that kind of relationship, and it was within my expectations. ……

According to Ms. A, there are many people who exchange information on anonymous bulletin boards on the app, and the exchanges that take place on these boards are quite graphic. When I read the contents, I found the following comment.

I take the pill and have a raw sexual intercourse. I think it’s fine if there is only one person with whom you are having an affair. It’s your own responsibility. If you want to criticize, go ahead.

I’m on the pill, but we have sex every time. I’m on the pill, but he asks me every time if he can come inside me. I’m on the pill, but he asks me every time if he can come inside me. I wonder if I’ll get angry if I write something like this (age 32).

Ms. A said, “I couldn’t hide my surprise that a woman of the same age, who probably has small children, is at high risk just by having physical relations through adultery, and furthermore, she doesn’t use contraception. I know they want to say that she is on the pill so she won’t get pregnant, but what are they going to tell her family if she gets an STD ……?” she said in dismay.

A woman in her 40s, who has been having raw sex with men she has met on the site, has actually contracted an STD.

I’ve had sex with men I’ve met on the site,” she said. I thought I would not get pregnant, so I thought I would be fine. …… I was infected with chlamydia for the first time in my life. I tried several medications and was finally cured. I am ashamed to say that at my age, I felt that I had no choice but to protect myself and that I was kind of miserable. Let’s all enjoy ourselves at our own risk!

The woman who says she has monthly checkups is also a live birth control user.

I use Mirena (an intrauterine contraceptive system, a contraceptive device that is placed inside the uterus to provide contraceptive protection). I am a Mirena (intrauterine contraceptive system, a contraceptive device that is placed inside the uterus to provide contraceptive efficacy) Nakadashi. I have monthly checkups. If we are talking about STDs, they can be transferred by kissing or oral. If you wear a condom, I think you can reduce the possibility, but you can still get mouth ulcers and alveolar abscesses from kissing (age 42).

I can understand if you got infected once and decided to stop having an affair. I can’t believe that they are still willing to continue saying, “Let’s enjoy it at our own risk. …… And it’s fine to do monthly inspections, but where did you leave your status as a married woman……?”

Even more surprising is one woman in her 50s. Although the possibility of pregnancy is infinitesimally low at this age, she is proud to say, “I too am a raw, Nakadashi man.

She says, “I’ve gone through menopause, so I can’t get pregnant anymore, and I’m sure my partner is of the same age and has no one else to partner with. He also wants to end up in each other’s arms. I was also happy to feel connected to him. That is the only reason. It is a pleasant feeling to be connected to him and everything. That’s why I don’t use contraception after talking to him (age 54).

I’m in menopause, so I’m in the middle of it. …… This woman seems to believe that her partner has no other partner, but is she right? Some of them say, 《It means that men are treating you poorly when they make you cum inside them,》 but I think they are lowering their own value. I think it lowers your value. There were also some women who wrote “I think you are lowering your own value. However, there were also women who responded with forceful remarks.

I have been with my boyfriend for three years, and we have had sex inside each time without a rubber. It is for the easy reason that we both feel good and that there is almost no chance of pregnancy due to our age. We both test once a year and keep it negative. I don’t think that having him cum inside of me will diminish my value. A woman who has an affair is not worth much to begin with.

What they have in common is that they believe that the other man will only have an affair with them. It is hard to believe that a man who is having an affair is only having sex with one person, and if he has enough money, he may be having sex with other men or doing daddy’s activities at the same time. In that case, the STDs would be transferred to the young woman and then spread to another man …….

Even Ms. A, who had been silently observing the posts on the bulletin board, felt compelled to say a few words.

One day, I couldn’t stand it any longer and said, “These posts themselves are annoying. What if STDs spread? What will you do if STDs spread? What if STDs spread? Please don’t spread irresponsible and wrong knowledge.

I wrote in the thread, “In the first place, having an affair itself is a risk. I’m prepared to get sick if I have an extramarital affair. If you’re so scared, why don’t you just stop doing this?

A woman like this is a very convenient woman for a man. I was also fooled by the sound of “second partner” and tried the app, but I decided to never have a physical relationship with a man. It would be a shame if I got an STD.

The idea that STDs = sexual promiscuity among the young may now be outdated. I just hope that the number of families in which wives are on married men’s apps, daughters are on daddy’s apps, and husbands have contracted STDs from both of them and are taking the same medication will not increase.

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