Chihara Jr. Chihara Jr. was spotted wearing a fashionable outfit with a strong fashion quirk! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Chihara Jr. Chihara Jr. was spotted wearing a fashionable outfit with a strong fashion quirk!

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Chihara Jr. stood at a cab stand in Shinagawa Station in a unique fashion

On a night in mid-March, Chihara Jr. (50) was standing at the Shinagawa Station cab stand.

In addition to his 6’4″ height, he was wearing a burgundy set-up with a fuzzy boa fabric. He stood out from the crowd with his unique fashion style, which included a burgundy set with a fuzzy boa fabric and shiny gray enamel shoes.

This is an outfit from the popular brand “Undercover,” which costs no less than 100,000 yen for the top and bottom. I think he is a very fashionable person to be able to match the colorful leather shoes with enamel.

Speaking of Junior’s fashion obsession, red pants used to be a standard item, but he abandoned them all and switched to red loincloths a few years ago. I wonder if the red loincloth was shining under his burgundy clothes on this night as well. ……

On March 17 and 24, the “Downtown Gaki no Tsukasa ya Aahenden! (Nippon Television Network Corporation), which aired for two weeks on March 17 and 24, entitled “Quiz Hiromi Go’s 100 Things,” in which she appeared in place of Matsumoto Hitoshi (60), who is currently on hiatus. This was greeted with a lot of questions on SNS, such as, “Is it really necessary to have five members? Junior’s appearance in the absence of Matsumoto, with whom there were rumors of a disagreement…” These were some of the comments made on SNS.

The original source of the disagreement came in April of last year. In April last year, Atsuhiko Nakata of “Oriental Radio” shared a story on his YouTube channel about a very big-name comedian who collaborated with Nakata and snapped at him, saying, “Why are you collaborating with Nakata? The big-name comedian was a junior comedian, and he was a member of the junior comedian’s group.

The story led to speculation that the big-name comedian was Junior and the very big-name comedian was Matsumoto. After that, Junior did not participate in “IPPON Grand Prix” (Fuji TV), for which Matsumoto is the chairman, and it became a common theory that they did not get along.

However, Junior appeared on “Downtown DX” (Nippon Television Network) broadcast on December 21 last year. However, Junior’s appearance on “Downtown DX” (NTV) on December 21, 2011, proved that the “disagreement theory” was a lie, and coincidentally, this was the last time Matsumoto and Junior appeared together.

Junior had enough laughs on “Gaki Tashi” to make up for Matsumoto’s absence. This may be a good opportunity for Junior to work with Masanori Hamada (60) more often.

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