Governor Kawakatsu’s June resignation announcement was met with a flood of criticism for being a “bonus hunter. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Governor Kawakatsu’s June resignation announcement was met with a flood of criticism for being a “bonus hunter.

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Heita Kawakatsu, Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture, held a resignation press conference on June 3. He will not actually resign until the end of June, according to …….

It is rare in recent years for a governor to be so “conspicuous” as this.

Heita Kawakatsu, governor of Shizuoka Prefecture, announced in a blitz that he will resign at the end of the June session of the Diet, and at a press conference held on April 3, he also announced his intention to resign.

When he gave an instruction to new employees on April 1,

In another word, the prefectural government is a think tank. Unlike selling vegetables, taking care of cows, or making things every day, you are basically people with brains and high intelligence. We need to polish them.

This comment was taken as a form of occupational discrimination and caused a firestorm. He probably made enemies of countless people.

The day after he made this comment, he was interviewed by the press.

I will resign from this position at the end of the Congress in June,” he said matter-of-factly, and left the scene.

He left, leaving the scene in confusion.

Governor Kawakatsu had been adamantly opposed to the construction of the Linear Central Shinkansen line connecting Tokyo and Nagoya in Shizuoka Prefecture. Just before announcing his resignation, he contacted Shu Watanabe, former vice minister of defense and advisor to the prefectural federation of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, and asked him if he would be willing to succeed him.

At that time, he is said to have said, “The opening of the Linear Line has been postponed, so there is now a break in the process. It is not the kind of thing you can casually ask an incumbent Diet member over the phone during a session of the Diet. It is a selfishness to the extreme, and the voters must have been appalled.

And then there is the fact that he will “quit at the June session of the Diet.

¡June is the month when you are ready to get your bonus? Quit now.

“Give back your severance pay and bonus.

The summer bonus for civil servants is paid on June 30 by law.

The law stipulates that summer bonuses for public servants are paid on June 30, and the same is true for the governor. Since the legislature adjourns on July 8, there has been a rush of people who suspect that, while he appears to have wrapped up his role as a politician, he is actually just looking for his “last bonus.

This is because Governor Kawakatsu has a “record” of receiving bonuses.

In 2009, too

In 2009, he made the outrageous statement, “There is only Koshihikari rice (in Gotemba).

In 2009, he made the outrageous gaffe, “There is only Koshihikari (rice) in Gotemba,” for which he announced that he would return 4.4 million yen in salary and bonuses as a penalty.

However, two years later, it was discovered that he had not returned a single yen. He was again fiercely criticized and eventually returned the money.

If he had not been caught, he might have received the money as it was. If he stays on until June, there will be a considerable public outcry,” said a person involved in a wide-ranging TV show.

At his resignation press conference

In his resignation press conference, he apologized for the discriminatory comments about his profession, saying, “I am truly sorry if I have hurt the feelings of people in the primary industry.

He apologized for his discriminatory remarks about his occupation, but said he would not retract the remarks themselves.

Governor Kawakatsu did not resign immediately, but insisted on resigning in June. As a super-elite economist with a doctorate from Waseda University and a Ph.

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