Is it while I’m sleeping? Why Matei, a gravure idol appearing for the first time in this magazine, is “seriously aiming to become a certified public accountant”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Is it while I’m sleeping? Why Matei, a gravure idol appearing for the first time in this magazine, is “seriously aiming to become a certified public accountant”.

We bring you an exclusive interview with Maitie, a gravure idol who is known as "Captain T-back" and has gained worldwide support!

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Maitii / Gravure idol from Saitama Prefecture who loves thongs

Gravure idol Maitie made a strong first appearance in FRIDAY. I often buy and look at this magazine! She said happily, “I often buy and read the magazine!

FRIDAY is a magazine with a lot of beautiful photogravures. The senior members of our office have often appeared on the cover and inside pages of the magazine, so I have always been checking it out. Not only my seniors, but also my friends. Yuka Kohinata, who has been a good friend of mine for a long time, was on the cover of the issue, and she was very cute.

Although Lumatei is a veteran in the field of gravure, this was her first attempt at a semi-nude shoot.

Today’s shoot was a big step forward for me. I was so excited until today that I didn’t have any anxiety or negative feelings at all. I was so excited that I even told my family, “I’m going to be “Pantyless Matey! (laugh), and I slept with the materials I received at the meeting under my pillow every night. Now that we have finished filming, I am filled with gratitude to …… for the beautiful photos and the wonderful makeup and costumes.

She greeted the day of the shoot with extraordinary enthusiasm, and she was very thorough in her preparations.

I took care of my skin care as well as my body make-up for the shoot,” she said. I made sure to drink at least three liters of water a day. I was happy to see the results immediately after about three days of starting, and I was able to greet the day with plump skin.

It is no exaggeration to say that her nickname is even more widespread than her name. She is a charismatic thong-wearing woman who has gained worldwide support on social networking sites.

When I first moved to my current agency, the president advised me, ‘You have beautiful hips, so you should show off your hips more. I took it straight to heart and thought, ‘If I’m going to show off my butt, I should wear a thong. (laughs). (Laughs.) My manager, who heard my declaration, started calling me “Captain Thong,” so I decided to take the “T” out and call myself “Matey,” and that was how it all started.

Off shot during the photo shoot. The thong goes well with her slender style.

I usually don’t look at my own buttocks, so it never occurred to me that I would like my own buttocks until the president told me. I was so preoccupied with my boobs that I really can’t think of a better person than the president who introduced me to thongs (laughs).”

When we asked Maitei, who literally can’t go a day without wearing a thong, about the appeal of thongs, which she loves, she replied …….

She replied, ” There are too many to mention!  But the most important thing is the design. The thongs I was allowed to wear in today’s costume were all really cute. …… Not only do they sell sexy thongs, but they also sell sporty thongs and cute thongs. Besides, there are a lot of great points for women. Since they do not constrict the lymphatic system at the base of the legs, they are less likely to swell and are good for weight loss. Also, in terms of feelings, wearing thongs makes your buttocks tighter. So I think it also helps to raise the hips. It also makes my legs look longer, which is all good!

Off shot of the photo shoot. The location was still chilly, but the girls showed their professionalism.

Also, thongs have a small area of fabric, so they are not bulky and dry quickly after washing! When I travel, I don’t bring a spare pair of panties. I wash the thongs I wore on the way there at night, dry them while I sleep, and put them back on in the morning. While you are sleeping?   Of course I wear no panties (laughs).

When we asked the talkative Matei about her goals for the future, she gave us an answer we could not have imagined from her gravure idol side.

My goal is very private, but I am studying hard to become a certified public accountant (……). I want to pass the exam this year! That is my goal. Actually, last year, I unfortunately did not pass the first exam that I took for the first time, but I will take revenge because I have to take the same exam again next month. If I pass that first exam, I can take the final exam in August. I hope I can at least pass the first round!

No way, he declared himself a candidate for the exam! And now, he is in the last minute before the first round of examinations in May.

He wakes up at 5:00 a.m. every morning and arrives at the study room at the prep school at 6:30 a.m. He studies until 9:00 p.m., and then he goes about his life. I get up at 5:00 in the morning, arrive at the study room at 6:30, and study until 9:00 at night. For the first time in my life, I am studying this much (laughs). But of course I will continue my gravure work! In fact, I am aiming to become an accountant so that I can continue my gravure work to the fullest. I started to become an accountant because I wanted to make sure that if I ever felt limited in my gravure work in the future, I would still have a path to follow. I will do my best to become the first “thong accountant” in Japan!

Click here to see Matey’s gravure and 13-minute movie.

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