Sex Toys in the Butthole… Illegal sex scout group “Natural” makes it difficult to find out what’s really going on… Fearful “Penalty | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sex Toys in the Butthole… Illegal sex scout group “Natural” makes it difficult to find out what’s really going on… Fearful “Penalty

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Kabukicho, Tokyo, where the illegal scout group “Natural” is based

On March 26, the Tokyo District Court (Judge Shuko Hino presiding) held a sentencing hearing for a case in which a man who was a member of “Natural,” one of the largest illegal sex scout groups in Japan, was confined and assaulted by a member. The defendant, Kazuteru Momoya, who is accused of confinement, was sentenced to two years in prison, with a four-year suspended sentence.

In February of last year, Momoya and five others assaulted a male member in his 30s who had embezzled money from the group, beating and kicking him with a frying pan and other weapons, causing him to suffer a six-month total recovery. To prevent the man from rushing to the police, they confined him to an apartment in Shinjuku for a week until his bruises and other injuries healed. Momoya did not take part in the assault, but acted as the man’s watchman.

The five men then fled, but turned themselves in to the Itabashi Police Department on January 17. Last November, more than a dozen people were arrested in connection with the case, including Kazuya Sawada and Eddy Kaneko, both executives in the case,” said a reporter in charge of judicial affairs for a national newspaper.

At his first trial on March 21, Momoya admitted to the indictment, but when questioned by the group, he said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t say anything about the company,

I’m sorry, but I can’t talk about the company.

He repeatedly said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t talk about the company,” and never testified. As Momoya described the group as a “company,” Natural has a pyramid-shaped organizational structure with executives at the top.

Natural is based in Kabukicho, Tokyo, and currently operates in downtown areas throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Kumamoto. The group has more than 1,500 members, including scouts earning more than 10 million yen. Annual sales are in the billions of yen, and it is believed that part of the sales goes to the gangs, and the Metropolitan Police Department is working to uncover the actual situation.

The police are now trying to find out what is really going on. The members of the group call each other by their “source names” instead of their real names and communicate with each other through the group’s own apps to prevent information from leaking outside the group. The “penalty” is to ensure that this is done thoroughly. One of the men broke the group’s rules and was subjected to a horrific lynching as a penalty.

Those who break the group’s rules are subject to severe punishment in addition to hefty fines.” In addition to being punched and kicked, this victim was stripped naked and had a sex toy placed in her anus, causing her buttocks to bleed. The fear and humiliation they inflict on him pushes his mind until he can no longer rebel. The man is still suffering from flashbacks,” said a Kabukicho official.

It is highly likely that Momoya did not testify for fear of these fearful penalties. The trial of Sawada and other executives is scheduled in the future.

Eddie defendant made those who broke the rules write letters of remorse, and it is believed that he was leading the violence. Sawada participated in the sanctions, sometimes placating Eddie and at other times, it seems, the roles were divided between the two defendants to placate the victims. It would be difficult to imagine that his subordinates would not talk as much as Momoya did.

Because of this secret society-like aspect of the group, which takes thorough measures against the police, the Metropolitan Police Department has declared them an “antisocial organization. Like the “Rufie Group” that committed widespread robberies, they are one of the “anonymous and fluid crime groups” that the Metropolitan Police Department is aiming to eradicate.

In order to achieve this goal, the clarification of the actual situation of NATURAL is urgently needed. The focus will likely be on how to elicit testimony from the arrested executives.

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