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Junya Ito: Fans Long for His Return to the National Team, but the Association and Sponsors Do Not Want Him to Play

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Junya Ito was removed from Japan’s national team after allegations of sexual assault were reported. ……

It would not be an overstatement to say that it is damaging to Japan’s national interest,” he said in a YouTube video.

The former governor of Miyazaki Prefecture and TV personality Hideo Higashikokuhara made this comment in his YouTube video.

It has been about two months since allegations of sexual assault were made against Junya Ito, a former member of Japan’s national soccer team.

Ito was reported in the February 1 edition of Shukan Shincho that after a friendly match between Japan and Peru in June of last year, he invited Ms. A and Ms. B to a hotel in Osaka City and sexually assaulted them. In response, Ito, who was playing in the Asia Cup at the time, withdrew from the national team. Since then, he has been out of the national team.

Ito’s team won a 1-0 victory over North Korea at home on March 21, but the Internet was abuzz with speculation that Ito had been left out of the team’s squad. Since Ito continues to play for his team, Stade Reims, based on the premise of “presumption of innocence,” even alumni of the Japan national team have asked, “Why not call Ito up?

How about not calling him up?

“The criteria should be clarified,” some of Japan’s national team alumni said.

The “presumption of innocence” is a prerequisite for playing for the national team.

Hajime Moriyasu explained that the reason he did not call Ito up for the North Korea game was, “In a word, to protect him. Perhaps he was concerned about off-the-pitch confusion and the impact on the team.

In reality, however, it is largely because he has yet to gain the understanding of the sponsors involved in televising the national team games. The term ‘sexual assault’ is too strong, even at the alleged stage. This is a trend that continues not only from Ito, but also from the old Johnny’s’s office and Downtown Matsumoto Hitoshi’s problems” (sports newspaper reporter).

Ito, represented by attorney Hirotaro Kato, has filed a lawsuit against Mr. A and Mr. B with the Osaka Prefectural Police for false charges and a civil suit for damages of approximately 200 million yen.

Ito claims that he never raped her, and he has asked his lawyer, Kato, to ‘go all the way’ on the case. Naturally, filing a countersuit could hurt the judge’s impression of the case, and it is a “double-edged sword,” but it seems that they cannot afford to be complacent.

Perhaps such a strategy worked, but the tide has begun to turn since the time of the news report, and we can now see the following documents: LINE communication between Mr. A and Mr. B, a picture of Mr. B sleeping in his room in a jersey, receipts showing the items purchased that day, and even an interview by Ito’s side after the “incident” with Mr. B, which revealed that there were some discrepancies between the news report and Mr. B’s story. In addition, after the “incident,” Mr. B was interviewed by Ito’s side, and the existence of an audio tape in which he testified to details that differed from those reported in the newspapers also came to light.

To begin with, Ito’s lawsuit is not against Shincho, but only against Mr. A and Mr. B. Ito’s lawsuit is against Shincho, but only against Mr. A and Mr. B. It seems that this was completely unexpected on the part of the magazine, which had expected to win the lawsuit for defamation if it contested the truthfulness of the allegations.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Mr. Kurokawa, said that a person who was in charge of the sexual assault case between Ms. Shiori Ito and a former TBS station employee played a key role in Shincho, but that expertise is no longer applicable to the case. I also heard that this case has become “the president’s case. Anyway, I guess they are just waiting to see how the investigation goes.

Even so, the Football Association is “adamantly” unwilling to call Ito. But behind the scenes, there was a new development. ……

The police are also very interested in the case. The police are also said to be highly interested in the case. The police are also said to be highly concerned about the situation. It is too early to say, but it will be tough to call him for the Myanmar match in June,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

The investigation is said to take several months to a year. How will Ito be treated?

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