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Matsumoto Hitoshi Trial as Speedwagon’s Kazuya Ozawa Maintains Silence in Witness Appearance

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Speed Wagon Ozawa is a key player in the trial between Hitoshi Matsumoto (left) and the Weekly Bunshun.

Matsumoto’s side, regarding the sexual assault claims made by individuals A and B, stated, 

“We cannot confirm their existence, so we cannot confirm or deny.” 

They requested their full names, dates of birth, mobile phone numbers, LINE accounts, and photographs showing their appearance.

During a post-trial press conference, Bunshun’s lawyer, Hirokazu Kidamura, expressed disbelief, stating, 

“In my 47 years as a lawyer, I have never encountered anything like this.”

Similarly, lawyer Hideki Yashiro appeared visibly surprised during his appearance on the TBS program Hiruobi on March 29th.


“At the first oral argument, it was shocking to hear the simple question, ‘Who are A and B?’ as if starting from scratch. It’s like they have no plan or strategy for proving anything.”

Looking back at Bunshun’s reporting, A is connected to Kazuya Ozawa of Speedwagon, who acted as a guide for the women. The “LINE” messages that Matsumoto’s side desires have also been made public. A’s LINE chat history, including messages thanking Ozawa, was leaked, and Matsumoto posted a comment on X saying, 

“It’s finally out.”

With this identification report, there was an immediate flood of comments on social media saying, 

“Ask Ozawa. A also sent a short message thanking Matsumoto for the taxi fare after the drinking party. This means that A and Matsumoto also exchanged phone numbers. A, who was an aspiring entertainer, may have felt fear because Ozawa warned her that she wouldn’t be able to walk around freely if she angered him.

While we may not know their addresses or exact dates of birth, isn’t it enough to recall some hints? After all, the drinking party with Ozawa and A’s testimony have been reported in great detail.”  (Women’s magazine reporter)

Not only in Bunshun but also in Asahi Shimbun on the day of the trial, one of these women appeared as a witness.

“In a post-trial interview, Masahiro Tashiro, the attorney representing Matsumoto’s side, revealed that not only Matsumoto himself but also junior comedians could testify if necessary for the case. This means that there is a high possibility of Kazuya Ozawa, referred to as an ‘attendant comedian’ by Bunshun, testifying in court. Unlike Tamura Kenji and others who have spoken out, Ozawa’s testimony, maintaining silence until now, could significantly impact the trial.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

So far, Yoshimoto Kogyo has not responded to any inquiries regarding the facts. Ozawa, who gathered the women and knows the full extent of the gathering, could be a crucial witness in court. What will he reveal?

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