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Surprising Resilience! Akiko Wada’s “No one can stop her outburst” “God sister! She is alive and well!

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Wada was worried about her health, but recently she has regained her energy and is said to be in high spirits.

The “God sister” is still alive and well!

On the March 3 broadcast of TBS’s “Akko ni Omakase! featured Shohei Otani of the Dodgers, who made a surprise announcement of his marriage on February 29. Akiko Wada (73) was in the news for her forward-looking comments about his wife, former basketball player Mamiko Tanaka. Akiko Wada’s repeated “outbursts” have raised concerns about her ability to serve as the program’s MC, but she is said to be in high spirits.

At the time of the marriage announcement, nothing was disclosed about Otani’s wife except that she was “Japanese” and “just an ordinary person. No media reported the details, but reporters covering the event in Los Angeles had seen her and knew that she was a well-known athlete in Japan. However, they could not report the story as long as Otani did not say anything.

The reporter reporting from the area on the information program, as well as the baseball critics and commentators in the studio, were all saying that they had no information. And yet, Wada suddenly said, “Your wife is about 6 feet tall, isn’t she?” He made a flying comment. His co-star Ryuta Mine said, “I don’t understand anything. He said, ‘She’s just an ordinary Japanese,’ and Tetsuro Degawa desperately followed up by saying, ‘You’re imagining it, aren’t you?

(Sports newspaper reporter) ” Akiko Wada, you are in trouble,” said a reporter from the Internet and the media. I wonder if she ignored or forgot that she was stopped at the meeting,” and others were concerned about Wada’s outburst.

Wada will turn 74 next month. He has been in show business for 56 years. Akko ni Omakase! is a long-running program that has continued for 39 years. During that time, he has been plagued by injuries and illnesses. At the beginning of the year, he underwent surgery for osteoarthritis, which he had been suffering from for a long time, and returned to the show in February. Last September, he underwent surgery on his right knee, which was also injured, and started his tour just one month later with an amazing recovery, a TBS official said,

Even before her hip and leg injuries, she had a retinal pigment epithelial rupture in her right eye, and even now the center of her vision is dark and she can barely see. He has wounds all over his body. He was also very frail at one time due to his advanced age. However, Mr. Wada’s recovery was so remarkable that even the doctors were surprised. Now that he has regained all of his energy, he has no intention of quitting the program, and seems determined to continue until he dies.

I was surprised. He is so motivated these days that one wonders what his previous feeble comments were all about. Moreover, as the MC of an information program, he is actively gathering information on a daily basis. The flying comment about Mamiko Tanaka was also information he caught on his own.

I heard that there was no discussion about Otani’s wife at the meeting. In other words, Mr. Wada talked about the information he had obtained on his own. However, no one seemed to think that Mr. Wada would talk about it, and he seemed to be in a great hurry.

There is no doubt that it was an outburst that was not part of the meeting, but that does not mean that the staff, co-stars, and others involved do not seem to take it that seriously.

It’s not the first time he’s said something like that, and that’s his characteristic, and the staff and co-stars are well aware of that. The staff and co-stars are well aware of it, and the audience enjoys it too. That kind of happening is one of the interesting aspects of live broadcast information variety shows.

Ms. Wada once said, “Recently, there is no one to scold me,” and it is true that there is no one in the entertainment industry who can give her a hard time or warn her. I believe that Wada knows how to moderate her behavior, and her outburst was calculated.

As long as there is no one to follow in Wada’s footsteps, it seems that retirement is still a long way off.

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