Beat Takeshi Exits ”Unbelievable” Over High Fee Concerns; Other Regulars Also at Risk of Cancellation | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Beat Takeshi Exits ”Unbelievable” Over High Fee Concerns; Other Regulars Also at Risk of Cancellation

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From October 1997, he appeared regularly on the variety show “Miracle Experience!” for about 26 years. Beat Takeshi (77) has announced that he will be leaving Miracle Experience (Fuji TV) at the end of March. There are only two regular terrestrial programs left, but both are said to be in danger of being canceled.

He continues to work energetically, including the release of a new movie at the end of last year

Since 1991, he has been appearing in “The World Is Seen!” An official from Nippon Television.

When we heard the news of Takeshi’s graduation from Unbelievable, there was a shock even within Nippon TV, Takeshi has been a great contributor to Fuji for more than a quarter of a century since the 1990s. He also played an active role in Tensai Takeshi no Genki ga Dekade TV! Takeshi is a very important figure for Nippon TV.


The winds changed in February 2020.

After he remarried his wife, who is 18 years younger than him, he started demanding an increase in his salary. There was a time when Mr. Takeshi’s mere presence on TV was enough to attract top sponsors, but now television’s momentum is waning. All of them are trying hard to cut costs and cannot afford to increase their fees.

It could be said that Takeshi’s departure from Unbelievable will make his regular appearances on TV more valuable.

Even if you take that out of the equation, the high fee is not enough to pay for the show. The trend of cutting production costs will not stop, but will accelerate. There are even rumors of an unknown nature that “Marumami” will be discontinued in the fall and will be turned into an annual special program.

If “Marumami” comes to an end, “Beat Takeshi’s TV Tackle” (TV Asahi) will be the only regular program that will remain.


Tamori-san (78), one of the Big 3 comedians of his generation, has also decided to end his regular broadcast of Bratamori (NHK) and turn it into a special program. From a physical standpoint, I think he will be able to remain active for a longer period of time if he makes fewer appearances.

I still want to see him in good health on TV.

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