WHITE SCORPION Serialization Continues with Part 8: Hanna Faces Pressure to Take Center Stage | FRIDAY DIGITAL

WHITE SCORPION Serialization Continues with Part 8: Hanna Faces Pressure to Take Center Stage

A special series of articles on the true faces of the idol group "WHITE SCORPION" produced by Yasushi Akimoto!

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WHITE SCORPION is an idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto, which was formed through the audition IDOL 3.0 PROJECT held for about six months from April 2023.

The group debuted on December 7, 2023 with the single Manazashi Sniper. They released a new song every month, and released their 4th single, Zozoku no solitude on March 7, 2023.

The release of their 5th digital single Satisfaction graffiti is scheduled for April 7th.

A special series of articles on the girl’s personal lives has started.

In the seventh installment of the series, we present a long interview with HANNA!

HANNA / Born on December 17 in Hyogo Prefecture

I liked imitating the choreography of idols.

What made you decide to audition for WHITE SCORPION?

My mother happened to see the information about the IDOL 3.0 PROJECT on TikTok and recommended it to me, saying, “I heard there was an audition. Are you interested?” Then, I looked at the official website for the audition, and found out that there was a live-action female There was a key visual that was a combination of two-dimensional characters, and the words “updating idols” were written on it.There were also words like metaverse and NFT, but I don’t know the exact meaning. There wasn’t one, but I felt like they were incorporating cutting-edge technology, so I became interested in auditioning.”

─ Did you always have a yearning to be an idol?

When I was in kindergarten, I saw AKB48 on a music program, and that’s when I fell in love with idols. The way they sang and danced on stage in their frilly costumes was just like the anime I was into at the time, “Aikatsu! and Precure, which I was into at the time, I thought they were cute and adored them. I remember imitating AKB48’s “Ponytail and Chou Chou” and “Flying Get” and dancing to them. Incidentally, the first CD I ever bought was an AKB48 album.

─ Did you have a favorite member?

─ Did you have a favorite member?

─ Atsuko Maeda. I was too young to remember exactly what attracted me to Maeda-san, but I thought her crumpled smile was charming and cute. Also, I’m sure she’s a group member. Since it was the center of the general election, I think it naturally caught my eye.There was a luxurious chair that only the members who were selected in the general election could sit on.The general election was broadcast on TV. While watching the live broadcast, I dreamed, I want to be number one and sit in that chair too


─ What other idols did you like?

After AKB48, I became addicted to TWICE, and I used to dance at home while listening to K-pop all the time. I had been taking rhythmic gymnastics and attending dance school since kindergarten, so I liked to copy the choreography.

─ Did you do a lot of lessons?

I did a lot of things. I also took cheerleading, swimming, abacus, Kumon, English conversation and a little singing. When I was in elementary school, it was tough because I had lessons every day, including weekends, but it wasn’t that hard. I started learning rhythmic gymnastics because a friend of mine invited me to, I didn’t want to lose to her, so I continued for about 10 years. Some lessons didn’t last very long, so I think I am simply a competitive person rather than a tenacious one.

─ ─ What was your junior high school life like before you became an idol?

I was serious about my studies, and I was also very active in club activities. I was a member of the track and field club, and I was a high jumper, and I won a prize at a competition. I was tall, and I was also a rhythmic gymnast, so I had a soft body, which I was able to use to my advantage in the back jump.


─ You are an honors student with a strong academic and military background.

I was going to study hard and apply to local high schools, but when I passed the audition for WHITE SCORPION, my life changed at once. I also wanted to do something different than living a normal life, so I am glad I did. Of course, there may be hardships, but I think it is a blessing to be able to do what you love.

─ Last October, the members of WHITE SCORPION were announced and the activities started. Did you feel anxious?

I was anxious because the day after the announcement of the 11 finalists was the day of the artist photo shoot, and the day after that I started dance lessons. I didn’t really feel that I had been accepted yet, but things started moving so quickly that I couldn’t keep up with my feelings. On the day of the photo shoot, TAKAHIRO-sensei came to see us and we were suddenly asked to dance the dance we performed at the audition. I thought, “What am I going to do? That was the first time I met Mr. TAKAHIRO, so I was worried that he might be angry with me. In fact, he was very kind, so it was an unnecessary worry.

─Although you are the youngest member of the group, you have served as the center for five consecutive songs since your debut, and have given dignified performances.

I was actually really nervous, she said. But people often tell me that my nervousness doesn’t show on my face, so maybe I have a poker face. Of course, I feel pressure about being in the center, but more than that, all the members support me by telling me that they will definitely help me if anything happens, so I can feel at ease.

─ What do you want people to notice about you?

During the performance, I am conscious of showing a variety of facial expressions.The lyrics and facial expressions are linked, so I would be happy if you could pay attention to that part while watching the music video. When shooting the music video, I had in mind how I could convey the cool atmosphere of WHITE SCORPION, but the second song, “Coyote ga Naiteiru,” was a feature music video (with a spotlight on each member). I think I was able to show a different side of myself here.


─ In Coyote ga Naiteiru, there are scenes where you are wearing school uniforms, and you show a life-size image of Hanna as a junior high school student.

I think there is quite a gap from the cool music video for Gaze Sniper. But if anything, I am usually spoiled by the members, and everyone treats me like a baby (laughs). People often say to me, “You’re tall and mature on the outside, but you’re a baby on the inside.” But I take it as a compliment and try to switch on and off properly. I may get spoiled by the members in the dressing room, but on stage I want to be able to be decisive.

The only thing you don’t want to lose to any of the members 

─ What is your ideal center?

I’d like to be the center of the group. Yurina Hirate has an aura and charm that attracts people, and I think she is amazing. The moment she stands on stage, I feel as if I am drawn into her worldview, and I cannot take my eyes off her. I also think her overwhelming dance is really cool, so I would like to improve my expressive ability and grow from now on.

─ You say that you are competitive, but do you have a sense of rivalry with the other members?

I am inspired by the members’ efforts, but I don’t have any rivalry with them. I think it is wonderful that we are able to speak our minds frankly to each other, and we support each other in our activities, making up for each other’s shortcomings. However, the only thing I don’t want to lose is my height! Right now I am the tallest person in the group, and I hope to grow to about 170cm.

─ Do you feel that the unity of the group is getting stronger?

We have just made our debut, and there are many things we are experiencing for the first time, so I feel anxious and nervous. But even when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, NICO says to me, “One more breath, let’s go for it! or “Let’s work hard! and motivate the members. That raises my spirits, too, and we are all united as one, so we can get through even the hardest of times.

─ Do you ever shed tears when you run into various obstacles during your activities?

Sometimes I cry because of the frustration of not being able to do as well as I expected.However, I don’t want to show too many tears, and I don’t like to complain, so even if I feel depressed, I try to change my mind. I said, “I didn’t do well, but if I try again, I’m sure it will pay off, so let’s do my best.” I’m often moved to tears after watching a movie (lol).

─ What is a little-known but unexpected side of Hanna?

When I go to karaoke, I often sing Showa-era songs. I like Seiko Matsuda, Pink Lady, Akina Nakamori, and Kyoko Koizumi.

─ Is it because of your mother’s influence?

I often see them on TikTok and YouTube, and when I saw them I thought Showa-era idols are so cute, and I fell in love with them. But when I go out to karaoke with my classmates, I feel a little sad that they don’t know about them and don’t get into it. 


─ What dreams do you want to achieve as a group in the future?

Our ultimate goal as a group is to go global and do a world tour. I would like to do solo live shows at the Nippon Budokan and the Tokyo Dome, and I would also like to fulfill my dream of a triumphant return tour and appearances at music festivals. Of course, I would like to appear on TV and in magazines, and I would like more people to know about WHITE SCORPION. We have many members who are gung-ho in a good way, so I would like to continue to appeal to ourselves and take on new challenges with an aggressive attitude.

I would also like to become a group that people say, “When you think of idols, you think of WHITE SCORPION. Just as I became an idol because I admired Atsuko Maeda of AKB48, I would be happy if someone sees HANNA of WHITE SCORPION and wants to become an idol.

─ What do you want to challenge yourself personally?

I would like to try my hand at modeling, taking advantage of my height, and I would also like to participate in the TV show “Escape from Japan”. I used to be in the track team, so I am confident in my physical strength, and I think my legs are fairly fast. Also, I haven’t had much fun in Tokyo yet, so I would like to visit Sanrio Puroland.

─ That is suddenly a very junior high school-like answer (laughs).

I love Sanrio, so I wanted to meet Kitty and Kuromi. When I get scrapes or injuries, I often put adhesive bandages of Sanrio characters on my skin (laugh).

Born on December 17 in Hyogo Prefecture
Hobbies: Playing games, watching dance videos, eating sweets
Special ability: Rhythmic gymnastics, high jump, double jump

  • Interview and text by Eiichiro Miyata Photographed by Masaru Kumaki Stylist Yuri Kasahara Hair & Make-up Kana Kitahara

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