Matsumoto Hitoshi’s Emotional Confession Goes Viral, Comeback Hindered by High Barrier | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Matsumoto Hitoshi’s Emotional Confession Goes Viral, Comeback Hindered by High Barrier

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Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto to Present First Oral Argument at Tokyo District Court on March 28

On March 25th, just before the impending defamation lawsuit against Bungeishunju, the publisher of Weekly Bunshun, by Hitoshi Matsumoto of the comedy duo “Downtown”, he updated his blog, expressing his thoughts for the first time in a while:


“I have always aspired to make people laugh. It’s bewildering and deeply saddening to see so many people unable to laugh at themselves, innocent juniors getting involved, and my own arguments being drowned out by irrationality and not being accepted. I hope the truth reaches the public soon, and I want to do comedy again as soon as possible.”

And for the first time in a while, he poured out his heart.

In X, from ordinary users

“Please come back for sure!”

“We’re waiting for you.”

Messages of support are flooding in.

As of the 27th, this post has been viewed over 95 million times, indicating an immense level of attention on this matter, even though it’s just a count of views. The fact that it’s reached nearly 100 million views shows how much attention this issue is getting.

Matsumoto’s side denies any sexual misconduct reported in Weekly Bunshun and is seeking ¥550 million in damages, along with a specified apology advertisement in terms of font size and typeface.

“Matsumoto may be happy to hear many fans voicing their hopes for his comeback, but for the women who have come forward as victims, such voices are akin to secondary victimization. In his recent post, there is absolutely no consideration given to these women.

Matsumoto has not provided any concrete explanation, merely stating baseless claims on X or saying ‘So it finally came out,’ without elaborating. It wasn’t until later that he issued a statement regarding consideration for his juniors. If he had taken full responsibility earlier, individuals like Oza of ‘Speedwagon’, who was criticized by Bunshun as an accomplice, might have been able to continue their activities without going on hiatus.” (Women’s magazine journalist)

While there are voices defending Matsumoto, there are naturally harsh opinions on social media as well:

“He’s saying his arguments are being drowned out, but he hasn’t made any arguments in the first place. He just leaked LINE messages and filed a lawsuit demanding ¥500 million.”

“In the end, it’s just trying to cry one’s way out, really lame.”

“If he didn’t want to hold a press conference, he could have made his arguments on X or through streaming, but Matsumoto didn’t do that.”

It’s not just Matsumoto. Yoshimoto Kogyo hasn’t responded much to repeated inquiries either. They are maintaining silence without offering any answers to the specific claims made by the women.

This silence could become a significant ‘shackle’ for Matsumoto, who hopes to resume his activities.

“Just because it’s acknowledged in court that there was no sexual misconduct doesn’t mean he’ll be immediately cleared and return to TV. The suspicion of having relations with a woman at a hotel drinking party, despite having a wife and children, is very strong.

Moreover, the fact that he sent the woman home for just a few thousand yen as taxi fare also reflects poorly on his image. Even Tamura Kenji, who was present, acknowledges this. In that case, it would be understandable if he is viewed with as much disgust as Angya’s Watanabe’s ¥10,000 multipurpose toilet affair. Naturally, it will be difficult to attract sponsors.” (TV producer)

It will be difficult to convince everyone in the living room. However, there are far too many uncertainties as things stand now.

Will these uncertainties be clarified during the lawsuit?”

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