Watanabe Mahoto, Suspected of Assaulting Former Idol Wife, Accused of Flashing Cash to Attract Women | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Watanabe Mahoto, Suspected of Assaulting Former Idol Wife, Accused of Flashing Cash to Attract Women

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Assaulting the wife of a former idol?

Due to repeated troubles, at the time of his referral for prosecution, he appeared visibly worn out. The former popular YouTuber, in front of our magazine’s photographer and other press members, lowered his gaze and boarded the transportation vehicle, looking dejected.

On March 22nd, Watanabe Mahoto (31), a resident of Tokyo, was arrested by the Shinagawa Police Department on suspicion of assault. Watanabe, known by the name “Watanabe Mahoto,” had over 5 million subscribers on his channel. He is accused of assaulting the wife of a former idol.

“The incident leading to the arrest occurred around 2 a.m. on March 22nd. According to reports, an argument broke out between the two while discussing their future at a condominium in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, where I-san was living. Watanabe allegedly pushed I-san and left the scene.

Immediately afterward, I-san reported to the police, stating that she had been assaulted by her ex-husband. Watanabe was urged by the police to surrender and was subsequently arrested. Fortunately, I-san did not sustain any significant injuries. The police have not disclosed Watanabe’s acknowledgment of the allegations.” (National newspaper social affairs reporter)

Watanabe had been plagued by troubles before. He announced his marriage and his wife’s pregnancy in January 2021. However, on the same day, allegations of indecent assault against a minor surfaced.

Contacting fans voluntarily through social media.


“It is alleged that she had a high school girl, a fan of hers who was 15 years old at the time, send her naked pictures and other images on her smartphone. The high school girl was allegedly invited to meet him by saying, ‘You can meet me for 50 (indecent) pictures. The high school student consulted with another YouTube star, K, who accused Watanabe in his own video, and the incident came to light. Watanabe was terminated from his office and announced his retirement.”

Watanabe was arrested and charged with violation of the Child Prostitution and Pornography Law, and received a summary order for a fine of 500,000 yen. Watanabe’s bad behavior was apparently well known among You Tubers. In the April 9, 2021 issue of “FRIDAY,” a source testified as follows (some content has been corrected).

“The manager (of the agency I belonged to) didn’t improve despite being warned several times. Usually, he is revered as ‘the boss’ by his juniors, but when he’s drunk, he becomes violent. Clubbing, in particular, was bad. He would wave around 10,000 yen bills and hug any woman he made eye contact with. He also constantly caused trouble, such as contacting fans himself through social media and engaging in relationships.”

Another person involved said this.

“Around 2017, during an agency event, Mahoto-san went to Okinawa with all the members. At the after-party, Mahoto, who was drunk, suggested, ‘I’ll treat you all, so let’s go to a club!’

He said to his juniors, ‘I’ll catch (women) for you guys, so just wait a bit.’ And indeed, he quickly picked up three to four girls. After that, he drank a lot of strong alcohol, got completely drunk, and took two girls to the hotel at the same time.”

Watanabe allegedly assaulted his ex-wife, whom he had at one point pledged his love to. He was not able to change his behavior despite the advice of those around him and a fine order.


The total number of subscribers to the channel exceeded 5 million (some photos have been doctored)
Arrested for demanding naked pictures of high school girls (some photos have been edited)
He was known for his bad behavior among the people concerned (some photos have been edited)
It is said that his personality changed when he got drunk (some photos have been edited).
Repeated warnings did not seem to improve his behavior (some photos have been edited).
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