US Show’s Joke Comparing Kazuhiro Mizuhara’s Hairstyle to Pete Rose Draws Laughs, But Shohei Ohtani Finds It a Not Funny Reality | FRIDAY DIGITAL

US Show’s Joke Comparing Kazuhiro Mizuhara’s Hairstyle to Pete Rose Draws Laughs, But Shohei Ohtani Finds It a Not Funny Reality

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Shohei Otani (left) and Ippei Mizuhara spent a lot of time together, just like “brothers,” but ……

Since learning about the suspicions surrounding Shohei Ohtani and Kazuhiro Mizuhara through the media, we have been diligent in gathering information. In the early hours of today, our Department of Investigation (DOI) initiated formal investigative procedures regarding this matter.

On March 22nd (March 23rd in Japan time), MLB announced in a press release that they had initiated an investigation into the illegal gambling suspicions involving Dodgers’ Shohei Ohtani and former interpreter Kazuhiro Mizuhara.

On the other hand, Ohtani’s representatives stated that they formally submitted a complaint to law enforcement agencies, but they have not disclosed which authorities they submitted it to. According to ESPN, both the California Bureau of Investigation and the FBI are not investigating this case, and it is still unclear whether they are investigating the theft allegations.

According to Mizuhara’s statement to ESPN,

“I needed to send telegrams to repay debts,”


“He didn’t ask if it was illegal, and he didn’t ask me any questions about it.”

After Ohtani agreed to repay the debt, the two logged into Ohtani’s bank account using Ohtani’s computer and transferred $500,000 per transaction eight or nine times over several months. Mizuhara estimated that the last payment was made in October.

However, the day after the Dodgers announced his dismissal, when an ESPN reporter called Mizuhara again, he confessed to lying in the interview and retracted many of his statements.



Furthermore, at this time, the reporter asked,

“Did you lie to Shohei?”

to which he answered,


“Ohtani’s public relations representative told ESPN that Mizuhara controlled information to Ohtani in his capacity as an interpreter and did not understand what was happening until a new interpreter arrived after clubhouse meetings following games.

He revealed that he first noticed money missing from his account. However, to clarify the truth, he will undergo MLB hearings. At present, there is no information suggesting that Ohtani will be suspended from playing.”

In America, sports like football and basketball are more popular than Major League Baseball, and Ohtani’s fame is not as high as Japanese people might think. However, it seems that this incident is being widely reported.

ABC TV’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ recorded in Los Angeles, Hollywood, is a hugely popular talk show with 19.3 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. It covered this illegal gambling issue.

Host Jimmy Kimmel immediately made a joke about the issue.

“Many people are concerned about whether he (Mizuhara) was involved in baseball gambling. I don’t understand why they didn’t know. There have been clues all along. His hairstyle was the same as Pete Rose’s.”

He said, and the studio erupted in laughter.

Pete Rose is a former Major League player who held records for the most games played and career hits. However, in 1989, during his tenure as a manager, he was permanently banned from MLB due to allegations of baseball gambling. Rose has a hairstyle similar to a mushroom cut, with his hair down and bangs trimmed evenly. Photos of him and Mizuhara were shown side by side on the program.

Kimmel continued,

“Shohei hasn’t talked about this to the media yet. Because they fired the interpreter.”

And another wave of laughter ensued.

It may seem like a disrespectful comment that would be unimaginable on Japanese news programs, but for Americans, it’s just turning hot news into American jokes.

Ohtani probably wants to be released from this nightmare-like scandal as soon as possible and focus on baseball, don’t you think?

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