Ai Fukuhara’s reconciliation with her ex-husband and her “biggest supporter” China’s reaction and “counterattack scenario | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ai Fukuhara’s reconciliation with her ex-husband and her “biggest supporter” China’s reaction and “counterattack scenario

In June last year, Ai and her eldest son were in Singapore.

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Her plump cheeks were impressive – but…. Chinese SNS users are concerned about her health, saying that she is “too skinny.

Ai Fukuhara (35) is posing for a commemorative photo with boys at the “Pool in the Sky” on the 57th floor of a super-luxury hotel in Singapore, with a spectacular view in the background. And a handsome man watches her from a poolside summer bed.

FRIDAY’s scoop on Fukuhara’s celebrity life in Singapore, which included sending her eldest son to a local pre-school, showed her strong determination not to return to Japan, but eight months after the turmoil, things took a sudden turn.

On March 15, Fukuhara, who had been hiding in the shadows, suddenly held a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo,

I am truly, deeply sorry for the worry and trouble I have caused you all.

She apologized. She announced that she and her ex-husband, Chiang Hung-Chieh (35), have reconciled and will work together to raise their child.

What happened during the eight months?

After the temporary restraining order was issued in July of last year, Ms. Jiang’s side filed an enforcement action and eventually filed a criminal complaint. Ms. Ai’s side appealed the order, but the appeal was rejected in December of last year, and it seems that they have indeed given up the idea. Now, Ms. Jiang is living with her two children as their custodian. It is said that Ai has promised to spend time with the children.

Fukuhara, who lost the court battle at the end of the “abduction” fiasco, will he have a chance for revenge?

The “biggest supporter” for Ai-chan is still China. Last October, Ai opened an account on RED, a social networking service popular among young Chinese, and soon gathered 100,000 followers. She posts videos introducing her favorite products, and her fans are very interested in her life. Eventually, it will become a business, such as taking on PR projects. Surprisingly, there are many voices here defending her, such as “I feel sorry that she lost her child to a man who is a moral harasser” in response to this settlement. Her pure and unpretentious personality was well received by viewers, and she will probably be asked to appear in the media after the current turmoil settles down,” said a reporter stationed in China with a major media outlet.

(A reporter stationed in China with a major media outlet) “We will be watching for her next move in China.

Even in Singapore, he was immediately wearing sunglasses because he was concerned about the eyes of those around him. She gave her eldest son, who was excited, the biggest smile of the day.
Ai Fukuhara’s reconciliation with her ex-husband 8 months after her “abduction” fiasco.
Ai Fukuhara’s Reconciliation with Her Ex-Husband 8 Months after the “Abduction” Riots

From the April 5 and 12, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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