Concerns Over Ties to Anti-Sha Persist as Hakuho Assumes Asakayama Stable Matership, Casting a Shadow on Sumo’s Ongoing Struggles | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Concerns Over Ties to Anti-Sha Persist as Hakuho Assumes Asakayama Stable Matership, Casting a Shadow on Sumo’s Ongoing Struggles

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Miyagino Oyakata shows up on the first day of the March tournament with a luxury bag.

The Miyagino stable is in turmoil due to the violence caused by its member, Makuuchi member Kitaseiho.

Miyagino Oyakata, 39, a former yokozuna Hakuho, has been accused of violating his supervisory duties and has been demoted two ranks from the commissioner to nenyoro and given a 20% reduction in compensation for the next three months. It seems that it is almost certain that he will become a stablemaster.


On social networking sites,

Baseball, Takarazuka, and sumo wrestling continue to have bullying problems, but the perpetrators in baseball and sumo have decided to retire before the worst happens. Has this never happened before?

Although the Sumo Association has many bad points, its response this time is commendable. It’s over for Hakuho, who did whatever he wanted when he was active.

Many people welcomed the response of the Sumo Association. 

On the other hand, there are many who are welcoming the response of the Association, such as, Are the association executives qualified to hold them accountable?

As a master, I feel very pathetic and regrettable, but I still don’t want to destroy the room. ” How much did Mongolia take care of me? Please return to board as soon as possible.

Some people have said that the response has been too harsh. Indeed, there have been many violent incidents involving disciples of the stablemaster, but never to this extent.

Some people believe that the JSA may be trying to ban Miyagino. A source in the sumo stable said, “He was a good friend of Hakuho’s when he was active,

It is a fact that both Hakuho as an active wrestler and now as a stablemaster have many detractors both inside and outside the association. For more than 10 years now, he has been the sponsor of the “Hakuho Cup World Youth Sumo Tournament,” an international friendship exchange tournament. It is an unspoken fact that this tournament also plays a role in discovering potential wrestlers from around the world.

To put it bluntly, it is a green harvest. We also had a relationship with Tottori Johoku High School, a strong student sumo team, and a system was in place to attract talented young wrestlers to the Miyagino-ya.


In addition, there are many people involved who are feeling a sense of crisis as the Mongolian forces are gaining momentum and overwhelming the Japanese forces, and the reason why the harsh punishment was handed down is to prevent the number of masters from increasing any further. Maybe it had a meaning.

On the other hand, everyone knows that the current sumo world would not be possible without Mongolian wrestlers. It seems that the head of the stable, Miyagino Oyakata, cannot be simply ousted from his position. In the midst of all this, certain suspicions have been floating around about Oyakata Miyagino.


On March 19, NEWS POST SEVEN reported on the relationship between Miyagino Oyakata and a man who may be an antisocial element. At a harvest event for Hakuho rice Yume, a city council member in Minamiuonuma, Niigata, was assaulted by a male supporter of a sales company who was a Hakuho crony, and was subsequently summoned and threatened. The article suggests that the man may be an anti-shareholder.


The article suggests that the man may have been a member of an anti-sha organization. The association must be trembling with fear. The Association was originally an incorporated foundation, but in 2014 it became a public interest incorporated foundation.

As a result, my responsibility became heavier. If the relationship between Miyagino Oyakata and anti-social groups is revealed, it won’t be enough, and association executives will also be held accountable for their oversight.

The darkness in the sumo world is deep, and it seems like it will take a long time for the darkness to be expelled.

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