Yamaguchi-gumi Senior Visits Roppongi Amid Eastern-Western Faction Divide, Relatives and Allies in Surprise Appearance | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yamaguchi-gumi Senior Visits Roppongi Amid Eastern-Western Faction Divide, Relatives and Allies in Surprise Appearance

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Assistant to the head of Yamaguchigumi VI, Mr. Fujii, landed in Roppongi. What is his purpose? ……

On a cold morning in early March, with the minimum temperature hovering around 1 degree Celsius in Tokyo, intimidating men gathered in Roppongi. Around them, 6 to 7 investigators from the Metropolitan Police Department were on alert. Additionally, patrol cars were circulating, creating a tense atmosphere at the scene.

As the sun gradually rose, and the clock approached 10:30 AM, the movements of the investigators became more frantic. Amidst the hustle and bustle, a black luxury car arrived. Stepping out of it was Fujii Eiji, the sub-leader’s assistant of the 6th generation Yamaguchi-gumi.

Another high-end car also disgorged senior members of the 6th generation Yamaguchi-gumi. After receiving a warm welcome, Fujii and his entourage entered a building. Now the question arises: what was the reason for the senior members of the 6th generation Yamaguchi-gumi descending upon Roppongi?

“On this day, Fujii, as the representative of the 6th generation Yamaguchi-gumi, visited to celebrate the birthday of Hayano Yasuhiro, the chairman of the Tohsei-kai and Souya-kai, a friendly association of the Yamaguchi-gumi. Acting as a proxy for Shinobu Tsukasa, the chief of the Shingo-gumi (82), Fujii delivered a congratulatory message to Chairman Hayano. Given the presence of a newly promoted member to the top ranks last year, this visit also likely served as a formal introduction to Chairman Hayano. Though their stay lasted about 10 minutes, it was likely a meaningful time,” said a journalist well-versed in Yamaguchi-gumi affairs.

Whether gifts were sent in advance or not, Fujii and his group arrived empty-handed. However, upon leaving, they were handed paper bags, presumably containing return gifts from the Tohsei-kai members. Furthermore, as Fujii boarded the car, he shook hands firmly with Chairman Hayano, reaffirming their friendly relationship.

As a matter of fact, on this day, it wasn’t just Tokyo where the 6th generation Yamaguchi-gumi was conducting diplomacy. Three members, including Yamaguchi-gumi’s sub-leader’s assistant, Ando Miki, visited the headquarters of Kyoseikai in Hiroshima Prefecture. They visited the headquarters to celebrate the birthday of Kyoseikai’s chairman, Araze Susumu. Their visit was extensive, lasting over an hour, showing their commitment to diplomacy.


“The purpose of the visits on the same day in both regions was, of course, to strengthen ties with friendly associations. There has been movement since the beginning of the year. In January, a man in his 40s with experience in an organization under the Yamaguchi-gumi was shot dead at a Starbucks in Shikokuchuo City, Ehime Prefecture, and Suspect Yuichiro Maetani, the number two in the Ikeda-gumi, was arrested. Furthermore, in February, Kanazawa Seiju, the sub-leader of the Kizuna-kai who had been on the run, was also arrested.


Both organizations are in conflict with the 6th generation Yamaguchi-gumi. The Ikeda-gumi has a relationship with the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi that is considered equal in terms of relatives. Also, the Ikeda-gumi and the Kizuna-kai have such a close relationship that they are called a fateful community. These three organizations are essentially referred to as the ‘Anti-6th Generation Yamaguchi-gumi Alliance.’ From the perspective of the 6th generation Yamaguchi-gumi, they may want to strengthen their unity with friendly associations, taking the decline of the opposing camp as a lesson. There may be significant movements in August of this year, the 10th anniversary of the split conflict,” said the same source.


The 6th generation Yamaguchi-gumi’s active diplomacy in both the west and the east might be a preparation for the impending turmoil.

Assistant to the head of the Fujii Wakamasa getting out of a luxury car.
Strolling in Roppongi
He was welcomed by Toseikai members and entered the headquarters.
Tosei-kai President Hayano (center right) wearing a yellow tie. They went outside the headquarters to see off Assistant President Fujii.
Assistant President Fujii leaving the Toseikai headquarters.
Mr. Fujii got into a pickup truck as Chairman Hayano saw him off.
Chairman Hayano leaves the headquarters after seeing off Assistant Wako Fujii. He is wearing a hat, which was not there before.
Chairman Hayano gives him a sharp look. He disappeared into Tokyo.
  • PHOTO Shinji Hamasaki

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