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Fighter Accused of Assaulting Manager, Evades Payment for Girls’ Bar

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Okiyama suspect arrested on suspicion of robbery

“I’m really sorry! I’m so sorry!”

A short, blond man who emerged from the police station directed a sharp gaze toward the magazine photographers. However, just before getting into the transport vehicle, he suddenly prostrated himself and apologized by touching his head to the ground, saying “I’m sorry!” in a hurry. He was then helped up by the police officers and got into the car.

On March 16, the suspect arrested on suspicion of robbery at the Atago Police Station in the Metropolitan Police Department was Kanko Okiyama (28), an employee of a restaurant in Misato City, Saitama Prefecture. Okiyama, who has experience in kickboxing, has participated in “Breaking Down” since November last year and has a record of one win and one loss with the catchphrase “the nuclear warhead of emotions.” We would like to introduce some details of the payment evasion incident caused by Okiyama, who expressed a desire to make life easier for his wife and children on “Breaking Down.”

“The incident occurred shortly after midnight on March 15. According to the police announcement, Okiyama visited a girls’ bar in Shinbashi, Tokyo alone. However, he seemed quite intoxicated. After drinking for a while, he began to feel unwell and vomited inside the establishment. The male manager in his 30s urged Okiyama to pay and leave. The total amount owed was ¥122,800, including the cost of drinks and cleaning due to the vomiting.”

Sudden facial high kick!


Okiyama, the suspect, handed his credit card to the manager, but for some reason, the payment couldn’t go through. Reluctantly, they went together to the nearby convenience store’s ATM. However, when he tried to withdraw cash, he found he had only about 7,000 yen left in his account.

“Okiyama reportedly made a statement to the effect of I’ll call a friend to pay to the manager. However, as soon as the manager agreed and turned away, Okiyama suddenly delivered a high kick to the manager’s face. He dodged payment and fled the scene. Fortunately, the manager was not injured.

Amidst the commotion, a female employee from the girls’ bar called 110, reporting that a man is causing a disturbance in front of the shop without paying. Okiyama’s bag was left behind in the bar, leading to his identification and subsequent arrest. During questioning, Okiyama reportedly denied the crime, saying, ‘I have no recollection from the middle of the izakaya in Shinbashi. I don’t remember anything at all.’”

Recently, there has been a series of incidents where participants of Breaking Down have been arrested for assault, extortion, and other crimes. On March 16, CEO Mirai Asakura declared, “The arrested players will be suspended from future participation.’”Okiyama’s payment evasion incident occurred just before Asakura’s warning.

Bowing suddenly to the press … (some photos have been edited)
He folds his knees and cowering … (some photos have been edited)
Kneeling down and saying, “I’m sorry!” (photo is partially edited)
High kicking the manager of a girl’s bar out of the blue! (Some photos have been edited.)
She overcharged over 120,000 yen (some photos have been edited)
Denies the charge, saying he was too drunk to remember (photo has been edited)
  • PHOTO Shinji Hasuo

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