32-Year-Old Woman from Shizuoka Alleged to Assume Leadership Role, Initiating Female Version of Organization Linked to Luffy Group’s Mastermind JP Dragon | FRIDAY DIGITAL

32-Year-Old Woman from Shizuoka Alleged to Assume Leadership Role, Initiating Female Version of Organization Linked to Luffy Group’s Mastermind JP Dragon

New Movement in the Mastermind of the Philippine Special Fraud Ring "Luffy Group" -- Members Detained in Manila on March 4, to be Deported

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Kagoshima’s  tattoo on his back depicted a design reminiscent of ukiyo-e, with a man resembling a samurai holding a sword capturing a red demon.

On the back of the man, there was a tattoo that read “JP DRAGON” near the base of his left thumb. Additionally, a ukiyo-e style tattoo was engraved on his back. The man in question is Takayuki Kagoshima (55), who was apprehended by immigration authorities in the capital city of Manila, Philippines, on March 4th. A senior official from the immigration bureau stated, “An arrest warrant has been issued from Japan, and his passport has been invalidated. We plan to forcibly return him to Japan.”

Kagoshima is a member of a group of delinquent Japanese expatriates known as “JP Dragon.” Fukuoka Prefectural Police had obtained an arrest warrant for theft-related charges, suspecting his involvement in a specialized scam targeting elderly individuals in Japan, where he impersonated a police officer and deceived them into handing over their cash cards.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time a member of JP Dragon has been apprehended. In late January, one of the senior executives, Tomohiro Koyama (49), was arrested by local police in the Philippines on suspicion of involvement in an investment scam. He was transferred to an immigration detention facility. This organization is believed to be connected to a Japanese scam group operating in the Philippines under the direction of individuals identifying themselves as “Luffy” and others, carrying out robberies on a large scale. Koyama, who agreed to meet with me at the immigration detention facility, provided the following explanation about the organization.

“There is a company called JP Philippines Company Group, which serves as the foundation of the organization, and it appears to be a fairly legitimate group that pays taxes in the Philippines. There are about ten Japanese members affiliated with it.”

However, when I searched for the company name at the local agency responsible for corporate registration, I couldn’t find it. It might be a fictitious company.

The leader of JP Dragon is known as R, originally from Tokushima Prefecture and aged 53. In certain Japanese expatriate circles, he has been infamous as a ‘shadowy figure’ for over 20 years, but Koyama insists

“R is involved in various things like cockfighting, but he’s just an ordinary person. He’s not a villain. People say that everyone has been extorted by R or that he’s involved in murders, but that’s absolutely impossible.”

The decisive connection between JP Dragon and the specialized fraud group occurred when Koyama, in February last year, had a video call with ‘Luffy,’ or Kiyoto Imamura (39), who is detained at Harajuku Police Station in Tokyo through the lawyer Yasusuke Kajima, a defendant. During the call, it’s alleged that Koyama instructed Imamura not to reveal unnecessary information, but Koyama denied the allegation of trying to silence Imamura when speaking to me. He also revealed such behind-the-scenes dealings.

“I know the names and locations of Japanese members who are still engaging in fraud in the Philippines. I can’t say more, but I’m considering talking to the police about it.”

Is Koyama planning to propose a plea bargain to Japanese law enforcement?

The rumored existence of a new organization.

According to the immigration bureau, there are currently at least a dozen Japanese remnants of Luffy’s faction residing in the Philippines. Many of them are undocumented and unable to secure legitimate employment, leading to speculation that they may be involved in some form of illegal business activities, as stated by the aforementioned immigration official.

Amid the opaque movements of the remnants, new suspicions have emerged, primarily circulating online. It’s whispered that a mysterious new organization called the female version of JP Dragon has been formed. This organization is believed to have originated from JP Dragon, with a Japanese woman named M presumed to be its leader. M, a 32-year-old native of Shizuoka Prefecture, entered the Philippines in February 2020 and is believed to still be in hiding. Although she appears to be an ordinary person with a plump physique, tied-back black hair, she reportedly commands several Japanese male subordinates. A former accomplice who knows M shared:

“She was incredibly skilled at making phone calls pretending to be a Financial Services Agency employee. I lost track of her movements after I was deported, but I had no idea she was establishing another organization separate from JP Dragon.”

According to Japanese investigative documents, M is wanted for suspicion of making fraudulent phone calls to elderly individuals residing in Chiba and Saitama Prefectures in 2018, posing as a police officer and deceiving them into handing over their cash cards. However, the aforementioned immigration official stated, “We do not recognize M as a member of JP Dragon,” leaving the truth unclear.

The remnants of Luffy and JP Dragon continue to operate in the shadows in the Philippines. Japan remains one of their targets. If their leader R and other key figures are not located and eradicated, the cycle of the lizard’s tail being cut off will persist. (Some titles omitted for brevity).

On Kakishima’s left hand is a tattoo of “JP DRAGON,” the name of a local Japanese defectors’ organization. It was an indication that he was a member.
Kakojima was taken into custody by the Immigration Bureau. He was dressed in inmate’s clothes and had a blank expression on his face as he was photographed.
Tomohiro Koyama, a JP Dragon executive. He claims that he is not involved in special fraud, but he knew what was going on behind the scenes with the rest of the gang.
M, rumored to be the leader of the female version of JP Dragon, entered the Philippines four years ago, and her current whereabouts are unknown.

From the March 29, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

  • Reporting and writing Takehide Mizutani (Nonfiction writer)

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