Unveiling the Common Thread Among Actresses and Female Announcers Transitioning to ‘President’s Wives’ Roles | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Unveiling the Common Thread Among Actresses and Female Announcers Transitioning to ‘President’s Wives’ Roles

Are they the best partners for successful business people? A look back at "celebrity marriages

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They met at the wedding of actress Manami Uematsu (46) and got married in November 2009. They relocated to Hawaii in 2018 and are living in a luxurious mansion with a pool worth approximately 1 billion yen.

Ito Misaki (46)

President of a major pachinko equipment manufacturer

Annual revenue: Approximately 34.5 billion yen

Many top actresses and popular announcers seem to choose spouses who are more successful in the business world than one might imagine. Ito Misaki (46) is the president of a major pachinko equipment manufacturer, while Nakajo Ayami (27) is the president of an IT company. Ikawa Haruka (47) is an apparel brand owner and a fashion designer, among others.

In the past, marriages between celebrities, such as actors and sports stars, were commonly seen among actresses. However, today, there is a noticeable trend of actresses marrying what are termed ordinary people, often business owners. Entertainment reporter Kaoru Shimada explains this phenomenon.

A top actress who married a business owner

“The advantage of marrying someone outside the industry is that their presence is less visible, allowing one to maintain their image while continuing to work. Additionally, gaining a new role as a wife or mother can broaden one’s career opportunities and have a positive impact.”

Actress Nakajo Ayami (27), who announced her marriage last May, former Fuji TV announcer Kato Ayako (38), who reported the birth of her first child at the end of last year, and TV Asahi announcer Ayaka Hironaka (33) also married individuals from the business world.

“The commonality among these women is their dedication to maintaining their popularity even after marriage. In fact, marriage has enhanced their self-worth. Even if they take maternity leave, they can expect a steady stream of offers upon their return. Furthermore, being married to a celebrity brings attention to the husband’s work and enhances the image of the company. Compared to the volatile entertainment industry or athletes whose bodies are their capital, successful business owners provide stability and reliability.” (TV station insider)

For these women, becoming a president’s wife not only brings a luxurious lifestyle but also provides a sense of security for their future in the entertainment industry.


Nakajo Ayami (27)

President of an IT company

Annual revenue: Approximately 1.5 billion yen

Announced her marriage last May. In a past interview, she said, “I want a man who is like a houseplant, always waiting for me and healing me.

Kikukawa Rei (46)

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kufu Company Limited, investor

Annual revenue: Approximately 3.5 billion yen

Married in 2017 to Akita Akita, who has successfully run numerous businesses and is rumored to have assets of 20 billion yen.

Natsuna (34)
President of an IT company

In 2021, she announced her marriage to a civilian. Not much information is available about her husband, but Natsuna described him as someone she deeply respects from the bottom of her heart.

Haruka Igawa (47)
Apparel brand owner, fashion designer

She had a whirlwind romance with fashion industry icon Ato Matsumoto, and they married in 2006 after less than a year of dating. Matsumoto’s grandfather is the founder of Pioneer Corporation.

Saki Aibu (38)
President of a cosmetics and food sales company

Introduced through actor Nobuaki Kaneko (42), they developed a relationship and announced their marriage in 2016. Despite opposition from her agency, she went ahead with the marriage and is now the mother of two children.

Riho Makise (52)
Apparel brand owner, fashion designer
Annual sales: approximately 5.4 billion yen

Fashion designer NIGO and Makise tied the knot in 2008. NIGO, originally a huge fan of Makise, eventually won her over after persistent pursuit.

A super-celebrity wedding of a famous announcer.

Kato Ayako (38)

President of a supermarket management company

Annual revenue: Approximately 340 billion yen

She announced her marriage in 2021 to a supermarket owner with multiple branches. The annual revenue is said to exceed 3.4 trillion yen, and she is currently on hiatus prioritizing her family.

Takahashi Maasa (42)

President of an established real estate company

She announced her marriage in 2018 to the president of a well-established real estate company in Tokyo, founded over 40 years ago. Her partner is an elite man who attended Keio University from kindergarten to college.

Ayaka Hironaka (33)
President of a venture company
Annual sales: approx. 3 billion yen

In 2022, she married a venture company president with assets of 1.7 billion yen. Describing her spouse as a cheerful person from Osaka who speaks thick Kansai dialect, Hironaka shared her joy about the marriage.

Oe Mariko (45)

Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Monex Group, Inc.

Annual revenue: Approximately 11.7 billion yen

They started dating after co-starring on TV and got married in ’14 overcoming a 15-year age difference. They do not fight and are very much in love.

Minako Nagai (58)
Former founder of an IT company, restaurant manager

They started dating after appearing together on television, overcoming a 15-year age difference to marry in 2014. It’s said they never argue and are deeply in love.

From the March 22, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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