Sanma Akashiya Voices Opposition to Yoshimoto Amid Support for Former Plus-Minus Member Iwahashi, Miyasako’s Absence Underscores Ongoing Challenges | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sanma Akashiya Voices Opposition to Yoshimoto Amid Support for Former Plus-Minus Member Iwahashi, Miyasako’s Absence Underscores Ongoing Challenges

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Sanma Akashiya extended a helping hand to Iwahashi, formerly of “Plus-Minus,” who had left Yoshimoto and become independent.

“Sanma master golf is coming!”

Iwahashi Yoshimasa, formerly of the comedy duo “Plus-Minus,” who left Yoshimoto Kogyo, hinted at receiving a golf invitation from his senior at Yoshimoto, Sanma Akashiya.

His remarks on social media raised concerns, leading to discussions with Yoshimoto, and ultimately, Iwahashi chose to leave the agency. The notice of termination of his management contract from Yoshimoto contained only one line written on paper, stating the termination. Iwahashi posted,

“I received a lonely piece of paper. After over 20 years, it’s all over with just this paper.”

Such troubles with Yoshimoto led Iwahashi to leave, and Sanma mentioned him on the radio show “Young Town Saturday” (MBS Radio).

“He mentioned inviting Iwahashi for golf in March.”

And he had said,

“He’s really a good guy. He’s so talented at making people laugh.”

and expressed his worries and concerns.

“Sanma is considerate of his juniors. He even tried to help Shinji Saito from ‘Jungle Pocket,’ who was caught in a cheating scandal last June, saying on the radio that he wanted to ‘turn it into laughter and help him in various ways.’

However, when Jungle Pocket appeared on ‘Sanma’s Comedy Improvement Committee’ (Fuji TV), it is said that only Saito was excluded. He complained, ‘It seems like they don’t want me to meet him. It’s Yoshimoto Kogyo’s doing,’ hinting at a grudge.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

Later, Saito appeared on the same show. It seems like he went through a purification ritual with harsh criticism not only from Sanma but also from other performers.

And the person Sanma put the most effort into helping was probably Hiroyuki Miyasako, formerly of ‘Amegari Kesshitai.’

Sanma planned for Miyasako, who had left Yoshimoto, to return under his personal agency.

“Yoshimoto Kogyo completely saw Miyasako as an enemy after he betrayed them and exposed the president’s power harassment to the public. Sanma mentioned that he was requested not to appear on YouTube.

With Amegari’s breakup and despair of returning to TV, Sanma planned to have Miyasako appear on his stage in 2019, but information leaked from somewhere and it was reported, so the plan fell through. Finally, in 2022, when things settled down with COVID-19, Miyasako appeared on stage. He received cheers and ended up crying on stage.” (TV station insider)

The stage was titled “Waraiwa no Warai ~Born ready tachi~” and took place on October 1st and 2nd in Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture. Sanma expressed his emotions, saying:

“After all, I wanted Miyasako to appear. It was one of my dreams. Since it’s my stage, I was able to make it happen.”

He was deeply moved.

“Even Sanma, who is at the top level of Yoshimoto, could only do his best to have Miyasako appear on his stage, and he couldn’t even invite him to TV or radio. At one point, Sanma felt anger towards Yoshimoto’s executives and declared, ‘I’m anti-Yoshimoto.’

Miyasako, who is not a criminal, being thoroughly excluded like this feels uncomfortable. The price for challenging Yoshimoto seems to be significant. Thinking about that, I believe Iwahashi will also be forced into a considerably tough entertainment life.” (Wide show insider)

Iwahashi might have had a smarter way to settle the matter, but perhaps his strong sense of justice led to the rupture.

Nevertheless, one can feel the warmth in Sanma’s concern for his juniors it remains to be seen what the next development for Iwahashi will be after his golf with Sanma.

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