Two “anonymous attending comedians” are more fearful than Tamura Kenji. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Two “anonymous attending comedians” are more fearful than Tamura Kenji.

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Downtown” star Matsumoto Hitoshi will go on trial at the Tokyo District Court in March. The existence of many “attending comedians” has been pointed out. ……

The first oral argument between “Downtown” Hitoshi Matsumoto and Bungei Shunju, publisher of the weekly Bunshun, is scheduled for March 28.

Matsumoto has filed a lawsuit in the Tokyo District Court seeking 550 million yen in damages for the defamation caused by the “sexual coercion allegations” at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo reported by Bungeishun at the end of December last year. He himself suspended his entertainment activities on January 8.

As a basic premise, the court is neither the police nor the public prosecutor, so it is not possible to determine that there was a criminal case such as sexual assault. The court will only judge whether the article reported by Bunshun is or is not defamatory, and if the article is true and reasonable, Matsumoto’s lawsuit will be dismissed.

If the article is true, Matsumoto’s lawsuit will be dismissed.

Sexy actress Luna Shimotsuki suddenly appeared and confessed that she had attended the Matsumoto drinking party at the Ritz Carlton Osaka reported by Bunshun. She claimed that she had not had her cell phone taken away, that she had known in advance that Matsumoto would be there, and that there was no “Tamuken time” for Tamura Kenji, the pin-up comedian who is treated as a “pedant” by Bunshun.

Mr. Shimotsuki claims that he is doing it for Mr. Matsumoto’s sake, but if you read it carefully, it is not about whether or not Mr. Matsumoto has had sexual relations with women, but about his denial of the “payment system” by junior comedians.

In other words, the story is about following Tamura Kenji first and foremost, and Matsumoto as an extension of that. A Bunshun reporter was puzzled, saying, “I don’t really understand what she is trying to do.

The “crux” of the drinking session at the Ritz-Carlton Osaka was not Shimotsuki, Tamura, or Joko, the gravure idol who made the accusation to Bunshun, but that an ordinary woman was left alone in the room with Matsumoto. The article does not say what happened after that, nor do Shimotsuki and Tamura mention it at all.

Also hiding in the shadows of Shimotsuki and Tamura are the two geisha attendants who were reported anonymously by Bunshun.

Both appeared in the January 25 issue of Bunshun, which covered the existence of “selective instructions” describing the women Matsumoto likes. Y is a junior comedian of “Punk Boo Boo” Jun Kurose, who is also treated as an attendant comedian like Tamura, and was in charge of gathering women based on the aforementioned instructions at a drinking party in Fukuoka.

Y denied the existence of the letter of instruction when confronted by a Bunshun reporter, and said that his relationship with Matsumoto was limited to eating udon noodles at the end of a location.

The other pin comedian, Z, is in charge of attending a drinking party in Nagoya, which Matsumoto visits once a year. He is the same age as Kazutaka Ozawa of Speed Wagon, and he “selects” women for Matsumoto in the party room.

Of course, Bunshun knew the real names of Y and Z,” said the writer. The three, including X, a broadcaster who was a close associate of Matsumoto, are the key players in the full story.

Although Bunshun has chosen to remain anonymous, their real names will come out if necessary in the upcoming trial. By now, X, Y, and Z must be scared of when their names will come out,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

The center of the trial is, of course, Matsumoto, but the fact that many comedians were hit by stray bullets from the Bunshun cannon in the process is also a feature of this trial.

Tamura is angry that his life has been ruined, and it is true that he can no longer appear on Japanese TV shows. He crossed the ocean with the declaration, “I’m going to catch the American dream,” but they are much harsher on sexual scandals than Japan. Tamura’s plans have suddenly come to a halt.

The trial was a lengthy affair that would have taken at least a year. It is likely that many comedians’ lives will be at stake.

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