Former Plus Minus Iwahashi, whose “work is going well even after independence,” will hold the key to the fate of his entertainment career. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Plus Minus Iwahashi, whose “work is going well even after independence,” will hold the key to the fate of his entertainment career.

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Yoshimasa Iwahashi, former “Plus Minus” star who left Yoshimoto Kogyo due to problems with his social networking

Three zoom meetings today. He’s working.

Yoshimasa Iwahashi, formerly of the comedy duo “Plus Minus,” whose contract was terminated by Yoshimoto Kogyo due to problems with their SNS posts, reported on March 14 via X that he has been getting a steady flow of work since going freelance.

He said that he had three meetings, so it is assumed that at least a few jobs have come in.

The day before this

Today is my first job as a freelancer, and I’m very excited.

I hope they are nice people,” he posted a selfie outside his office, and when he finished work, he wrote

I’m so excited, I hope it’s a good group of people! Thank God!

I’m glad! This post received a lot of positive feedback from the general public.

Thank you for your hard work! TV?


Breaking Down?

Many people have asked questions about the nature of his work. If this is the first surprise after leaving Yoshimoto, the ban may not have been lifted yet.

It seemed hopeless that he had cut ties with Yoshimoto, a very large entertainment production company, but it seems that there was demand for him at least for the time being.

As senior comedian Masashi Tomizuka puts it, “Plus minus Iwahashi from his days at Yoshimoto…

Yoshimoto has a business and a place to do manzai, so he will be safe for 20 years. (Even if you make 1.5 million yen a month, that’s about 400 million yen. The plus/minus is that I threw away 400 million yen, which is sad.

That’s sad.

The reason why even a young to mid-level comedian like Mr. Iwahashi, who is not in the MC class, earns this much is probably because he frequently performs at theaters all over the country.

At the height of his career, he was performing on 11 stages a day. Since he not only left the office but also dissolved the duo, it is difficult for him to perform in theaters. Other agencies do not have theaters, so they have to hold their own gigs and have their own ticket quotas. The benefits they received from Yoshimoto must have been great, but even so, there must have been many things they could not tolerate.” (TV station official)

The materials presented by Yoshimoto Kogyo to public organizations show that it produces 5,000 TV programs a year and holds 10,000 events a year. In addition, they have opened “BS Yoshimoto,” which broadcasts 24 hours a day, every day, so they have an enormous amount of content.

How will Iwahashi lead his entertainment life in the future?

The key will be whether or not he can perform with Yoshimoto comedians. I don’t care if it’s on YouTube or anything else, but if he is allowed to work with Yoshimoto comedians, I think it will make a big difference. Yoshimoto is particularly sensitive about compliance after the YAKISHIMOTO scandal, so it is unlikely that they would put pressure on their own comedians or the media.

However, there is no doubt that there is a certain amount of “discovery” toward Yoshimoto executives. The key point is whether or not fellow comedians and TV people who were close to her will help her out.

The problem with Yoko Maki is still smoldering. However, after everything is cleared up and the “buzz” dies down, Iwahashi will have a real fight on his hands.

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