Tamura Kenji, who “demanded an apology from Bunshun,” was teased on the Internet and “immediately blocked” on social networking services, showing his “serious anger. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tamura Kenji, who “demanded an apology from Bunshun,” was teased on the Internet and “immediately blocked” on social networking services, showing his “serious anger.

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Tamura Kenji, who was named as a “attending comedian” in the Hitoshi Matsumoto issue, has been making full use of social networking sites to refute the allegations. ……

While the allegations of sexual assault by “Downtown” Hitoshi Matsumoto have been making the rounds, Tamura Kenji, a comedian who was greatly favored by Matsumoto, is fighting back against the Weekly Bunshun report, putting his own honor and Matsumoto’s on the line.

Tamura has been “fighting” together with Runa Shimotsuki, a sexy actress who attended a drinking party at the Ritz-Carlton, Osaka, and has been sending out messages on SNS and other media that the Bunshun report is a lie.

On March 13, Shukan Bunshun published an article titled “Hitoshi Matsumoto vs. Accused Woman: ‘All Questions Answered,'” in which the pedantic comedian asked the magazine, “What about gratuities? The article was published as a flash report.

The article shows that Bunshun was quite angry with Tamura’s side and asked the participating women to testify again to debunk the claims of the “Tamura & Shimotsuki” pair. Ms. Joko, whom Ms. Shimotsuki is said to have called, also appeared on the stage to refute Ms. Tamura’s claims.

Tamura claimed that she ‘lined Joko, but it remained unread and her entire Instagram was deleted immediately after that,’ but Joko has only one private account of her own, and it seems that she did not delete that one. On the other hand, Joko did not mention whether or not she received a line from Tamura” (women’s magazine reporter).

(A women’s magazine reporter) There is one piece of information that Tamura and Shimotsuki, who are so angry that they will argue with each other, will not “touch. That is the existence of a “neat megabank female office worker” whom Tamura is said to have assigned to Matsumoto on the day of the drinking party.

Matsumoto liked this banker and Tamura said

“Shall we call it a night?”

Tamura then said, “Let’s call it a night,” which led everyone to leave the hotel.

When Bunshun asked Tamura for an interview about these matters, he replied, “If I answer your questions, how much would you give me for the honorarium? Depending on the amount, it could be taken that he was willing to talk about it, but it could also be taken as a “spur-of-the-moment evasive tactic” because he did not want to answer the question.

On the other hand, it could also be taken as a “quick evasive answer” because he didn’t want to answer the question, “Have you ever prepared a woman for a married man? This could be fatal to Tamura’s entertainment career or to his image as a businessman. Even if he had, he would never admit it.

However, there is no way that the public would overlook this request for money.

On social networking sites

“Please listen to our side of the story too! He was desperately insisting, “Tamuken” was demanding gratuities for the questions from Bunshun.

The user also teased, “I’m not a fan of this. Then, just a few hours later, the same user posted

The same user posted, “Sad news: I was blocked when I took up “Tamuken” without paying him an honorarium.

The user posted, “Tamura-san has always been an ego-searcher.

Tamura-san has always been famous for ego-searching. If he finds a post he doesn’t like, he often directly refutes it or blocks it.

Tamura blocks negative comments and continues to make one-sided assertions. Will she be able to save her “great benefactor,” Matsumoto?

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