Anger Boils as Go Ayano’s Camp Denounces GaaSyy Suspended Sentence: Lingering Resentment as He Flees Country, Leaving Behind a Taste of Wealth | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Anger Boils as Go Ayano’s Camp Denounces GaaSyy Suspended Sentence: Lingering Resentment as He Flees Country, Leaving Behind a Taste of Wealth

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Yoshikazu Higashitani, also known as GaaSyy, was sentenced to 3 years in prison and 5 years of suspension.

The suspended sentence of Yoshikazu Higashitani, a.k.a. GaaSyy has been met with outrage.


On March 14, the Tokyo District Court (Chief Judge Tsuneji Saeki) handed down a three-year prison sentence, suspended for five years, to GaaSyy, a former member of the House of Councillors who was accused of habitually threatening actor Go Ayano and others and defaming them.

The biggest focus is whether or not the sentence will be suspended. GaaSyy was afraid of being imprisoned anyway. As a result, he was able to get a suspended sentence, and he is smiling. Some people are even calling him practically innocent.

At his trial, GaaSyy only contested the habitual nature of the threats, and he was remorseful for his actions. Judge Saeki ruled that the threats were habitual.

The threats were made in the name of exposing justice, and were distributed solely for the purpose of repaying debts.

However, considering that he has no criminal record, his attitude of remorse, and the fact that he has deposited compensation for the damage.

The court concluded that “it is reasonable to give the defendant a chance to rehabilitate himself within the society.

GaaSyy has no intention of appealing, and the only thing left to do is for the prosecution to appeal the verdict.

The five-year suspended sentence is a heavy sentence, and the prosecutor’s office has maintained its reputation to some extent. There is little chance of an appeal.


If this is the case, the sentence will become final. GaaSyy would be free to go, with the condition that his sentence would be suspended. Cunning Takeyama expressed his discomfort with this in an interview on the TBS program “Gogosuma,” broadcast on January 14.

I would like to see him atone for his crime for the next five years, reflect on his actions, and return to society.

After prefacing his comment with the following

“Even if you delete the video, it will remain on the Internet, right? What will you do about that problem?

“Is it okay to just say that the sentence was suspended in court? There’s something that bothers me.

He seemed to be unconvinced. The anger of the victims must be even greater. The anger on the part of Go Ayano, the man who accused GaaSyy, is especially great.

GaaSyy himself has deleted the video, but there are still fish traps of Ayano’s story on YouTube and the Internet. To be frank, it would be impossible to eliminate all of them.

He is not responsible for all of them. Now that GaaSyy has been given a deferred judgment, it is Ayano’s side that has taken the brunt of it.

GaaSyy is a close friend of Ayano’s agency, and many of the people who have been exposed have been celebrities who belonged to the agency. According to the aforementioned reporter

Mr. Y, the de facto owner of the office, still harbors a grudge against GaaSyy. Since Ayano lost several jobs because of GaaSyy revelations, there is a possibility that he will file a civil claim for damages in the future.

However, it is said that there is a high possibility that GaaSyy will leave for the UAE/Dubai again as soon as a passport, which he does not currently have, is issued.

He has established his own connections in Dubai and seems to feel much safer there than in Japan, where there is a high risk of being targeted. There are reports that he is planning to start a restaurant business there with a wealthy family with whom he has a close relationship.

GaaSyy has long been talking about establishing a Japanese community in Dubai called Neo-Tokyo, which he hopes to create.

In the end, I have a strong impression that this verdict was a good deal. GaaSyy himself suddenly became a person of the moment and his name recognition increased dramatically. He still has supporters, and It’s possible.

 In the end, the truth of the information revealed by GaaSyy is unknown. In the end, only a blur remained.

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