Polygamous Pimp’s Revelation: Four Wives, Two Children, and Ambitious Plan for 54 Offspring via Sperm Bank in the Future | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Polygamous Pimp’s Revelation: Four Wives, Two Children, and Ambitious Plan for 54 Offspring via Sperm Bank in the Future

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Do you know a man who has created an enviable and mysterious new “family structure” with four wives and three children …… and two girlfriends? Do you know a man who has created a new “family structure” with four wives, two children, and three dogs?

Ryuta Watanabe (middle) is surrounded by his four wives, two children, and three dogs.

Although it is prohibited in Japan to marry multiple women, Ryuta Watanabe (35), a resident of Hokkaido, has adopted a unique form of polygamy in the form of a common-law marriage. Mr. Watanabe lives with his four wives and two children, but he does not work and relies on his wife to provide for him.

He says with a smile that he is into polygamy simply because he loves women, but surprisingly, until his 20s, he had so-called normal relationships. What caused Watabe-san’s values regarding love to change?

It all started with a heartbreak.When I was heartbroken, I thought, How can love work? I realized that having fun with many women is an advantage in love. In order to avoid being bound by the concept of normal love, I removed my internal limiter and had fun. Before I knew it, I was dating 12 women at the same time (laugh). My current wives are now four.

Mr. Watabe has met so many women that he doesn’t even know how many. He told us about all the different ways he used to meet people.

I went to street parties, went out to the streets to get fucked, picked up girls myself, and even went to aizakaya.I tried every method I could think of to find the best way to meet people. In the end, we ended up using a matching app. It’s efficient and inexpensive. All four of my wives met through a matching app, and we started living together.

Polygamy has a strange image. I thought that the wives were also strange people, but they are all ordinary working women.

On the other hand, Watanabe has been unemployed for over 10 years and has never had a regular job. There was a time when he tried over 20 different part-time jobs, but none of them lasted long.

I haven’t worked since my early 20s. That doesn’t mean I stay at home all day long. I take care of the kids and do the housework, but basically my role is dating. If I work, I won’t be able to give time equally to everyone, so I go on dates instead of working.In addition to my four wives, I have two girlfriends, so I go on a date with someone almost every day.

The secret to building a good relationship is to give equal time to each of his four wives.

My wife and I sometimes fight, but we never fight with each other. When we fight, it’s usually my fault for not giving each wife equal time.Wives like that It’s quite scary because everyone colludes to get angry (lol)

But in the past, when we only had one bed, we all slept together, and at that time, I was blamed for jealousy. Now we have moved to a bigger house with four bedrooms, and each of us has a separate bedroom, so the fights have decreased.


 When you are in a relationship, of course you have sex. Japan has been called a “sexless” country, but he spoke candidly about his sex life with his four wives.

I have sex with a different wife every morning and every night. I sometimes have sex with my girlfriends on dates, so at least 10 times a day, 70 times a week. I’ve done it more than once. I know I say it myself, but I have a lot of stamina, and I even think that if I had more time, I could do more to satisfy the other person.

It is no exaggeration to say that my daily duties are dating and sex.


Watanabe, who is doing what he likes and living his life the way he likes, seems to often receive criticism through messages on social media.

I get negative comments like work scum and get out of Japan almost every day, he said. I don’t think or feel anything about those opinions.

However, I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Chinese and other foreign media, and perhaps because of that, I often receive positive opinions from people overseas. We have also received messages from people in America and Australia. There are some positive opinions, such as legendary and admirable, which I think are too much praise, but I accept good opinions honestly and enjoy them (laughs).

In recent years, Watanabe’s way of life has been attracting attention from overseas media. Where on earth is he aiming for?

I want to have 54 children.It seems that the shogun Tokugawa Ienari, who is known for having an unparalleled number of children, had 53 children, so I want to surpass him and create a new legend.

In order to do so, I would first like to spread this great project by volunteering at a sperm bank. However, taking care of all the children would be difficult financially and in terms of time, so I would be happy if my sperm could be used to help those in need at the sperm bank.

Mr. Watanabe chose to live as a polygamous pimp. Behind his seemingly frivolous lifestyle, there was a great ambition.

His fourth wife is currently living separately. Floor plan of the house including the bedrooms of the first through third wives.
One of his three girlfriends has already broken up, and he currently has two girlfriends. She also met them on a matching app.

We asked each wife what they liked and disliked about Mr. Watabe.


First wife: Yosaki (23)


The reason why we became a de facto marriage was completely due to the flow (laugh). When I realized it, the number of couples increased from 2 to 3. The couples are not on bad terms, but I haven’t told my parents about it. I visited my grandmother’s house once before with the second Mrs. Ayaka, so maybe only my grandmother is aware of this.


Likes: He is dynamic.

Dislikes: me

Mrs. Yousaki, the 1st wife.

Second wife: Ayaka (36)


At first, he hid the fact that he was seeing another woman, but gradually he started smelling her (laughs). I thought that a popular person is better than an unattractive person, so I accepted it. By the way, I haven’t told my friends either. 


Likes: He inspires me.

Dislikes: me

Ayaka, the 2nd wife

Third wife: Chiharu (27)


Sometimes I get jealous and fight with him. But I also feel cheered when a new woman (Mrs. Chiharu) comes along because it will increase our household income (laughs).


Likes: Funny, good at sex.

Dislikes: Too many to count

[Third wife: Chiharu
[Mrs. 4th: Chihiro (24)

We met on a matching app when we were 19 years old, fell in love at first sight, and confessed to him. A month later, we signed a rental contract and started living together. But soon after, he introduced me to Yosaki. I guessed the situation. After that, Ayaka-chan, Chiharu-chan. I wasn’t surprised anymore (lol).

He took me to many places and entertained me. He has also traveled to Okinawa and Hokkaido. Even though he loves women, he still makes me want to be with him, which is what made us decide to have a common-law marriage.


Likes: He is male in many ways and attractive.

Dislikes: He doesn’t care about me.

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