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Bakufu Slump Triumphant Return: Electrifying Performance at First Live Concert in 14 Years

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SunPlaza Nakano in all his glory at an outdoor concert (May 24, ’91 issue)

Bakufu Slump has announced that they will restart on the occasion of their 40th anniversary.

They will release their first new song in 26 years (title and release date undecided), and will also go on tour starting in October for the first time in 14 years. Two of the performances will be attended by BuYi, a band to which drummer Funky Sueyoshi (64), who is currently active in a band in China, belongs. Vocalist Sunplaza Nakano-kun (63, hereinafter referred to as Sun Plaza)

We wanted to give something more than just a live concert to commemorate the 40th anniversary of our debut. I would like to invite Funky Sueyoshi and his band from China and let people enjoy music regardless of whether they are in Japan or China (from ORICON NEWS).

Bakufu was formed in April 1982. The four members included Sunplaza, guitarist Pappala Kawai (63), and Funky.

In the beginning, they were like a punk band that sold extremism with their performances such as throwing watermelons and radiating fire extinguishers at the audience at live shows, and lyrics that included a list of off-the-air terms. Their second single, “Uwasa ni naritai,” a commercial song for Citizen Watch, released in 1984, became a hit with its pop tune, and the following year they appeared in the spotlight on the popular music programs “Night Hit Studio” (Fuji TV) and “The Best Ten” (TBS), spreading their name throughout the country. (Music magazine editor)


Then, in 1988, the famous song “Runner” was born. It became a long hit with single sales of 340,000 copies. FRIDAY reported on Bakufu live performances twice, in January 1985 and May 1991. Even though the word compliance didn’t exist, there were of course prohibited matters and morals. Let us look back on their extreme live performances.

Setting his head on fire, fighting with the audience, and performing completely naked on stage

A reporter who infiltrated the live performance venue of Bakufu, which became nationally famous with Uwasa ni naritai in 1984, was left stunned. Bakufu was known among fans for their radical live performances, but even after becoming a major band, their style hadn’t changed at all.


As soon as the show started, Sunplaza coated his smooth-shaven skinhead with magnesium and set it on fire, turning it into a human matchstick, while the other members got into a fight with the excited audience, and things got messy.

We once played a show at a shrine and kids threw rocks at us.

I was convinced that this was true, as far as this live performance was concerned.


The next incident occurred in May 1991 at the 10th anniversary concert of Okage-sama Matsuri of Chukyo Television’s 5:00 SAT Magazine held in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture. This event was an outdoor live concert attended by many musicians, and Bakufu, the sixth performer, performed in front of an audience of 15,000 people. However, the incident broke out with the last song.

Sun Plaza, who started singing, suddenly took off his jacket, put a firework in his mouth on stage, climbed onto the light stand, put his shoes in his mouth, and shouted, “Everyone, put your shoes in your mouth! He ran around the stage completely naked for a few seconds before covering his important parts with a paper cup.


The following year, he dived into the audience while singing on Music Station (TV Asahi). Two miniature light bulbs and a panel were damaged. The extreme nature of their performances has remained unchanged not only in their live performances but also in their music programs. 

The full details of her first new song in 26 years have not yet been revealed. 

The theme is IKIGAI.The Japanese word Ikigai has now become IKIGAI in romaji and is starting to attract attention around the world.After going through the coronavirus pandemic, I once again realized that singing is IKIGAI. (From ORICON NEWS).

The songs of Bakufu and the extreme performance are inseparable. I wonder what kind of performance they will show after reaching their 60s. I can’t wait.


Sun Plaza Nakano setting his head on fire at a live concert (Jan. 11 & 18, ’84 issue)
Angry audience and members diving into the crowd (Jan. 11 and 18, 1984)
Extreme performance at an outdoor concert. A paper cup was held tightly in his hand (May 24, ’91).
Sun Plaza Nakano running around the stage completely naked. The audience in the background is laughing hysterically (May 24, ’91 issue).
  • PHOTO Seiji Iguchi (1st, 4th, and 5th), Ken Ronbaku (2nd and 3rd)

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