Exclusive Glimpse of On-Location Shoot for “Beyond Inappropriate!” Featuring Sadao Abe and Riisa Naka in Kanagawa Prefecture Housing Complex | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Exclusive Glimpse of On-Location Shoot for “Beyond Inappropriate!” Featuring Sadao Abe and Riisa Naka in Kanagawa Prefecture Housing Complex

Kudo-Kan, the genius of Reiwa, creates a stir with his new film "The Inappropriate!

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The shooting progressed smoothly without any tense atmosphere. The harmony between the staff and the cast may also be one of the reasons for its success.

In a housing complex in Kanagawa Prefecture, surrounded by about 20 production staff members, were two seasoned actors, Sadao Abe (53) and Arata Furuta (58). With serious expressions, they immersed themselves in their scripts, creating a tense atmosphere on set. However, once the cameras started rolling, the atmosphere changed completely. The two exchanged smiles and conversation, completely immersing themselves in the world of the production.


The drama “Beyond Inappropriate!” (TBS) continues its successful run. The household average viewership rating for the 6th episode recorded 8.3%, tying the program’s highest rating from the previous episode. Words related to the show also trended on social media.

“The shooting on this day started at 8:00 am with the interaction between the leads, Abe and Furuta. There was also a scene where bystanders stopped to watch Riisa Naka (34), who was standby for a scene at the garbage disposal area. In the afternoon, we also had the customary musical scene. The cast was calm, and the shooting went smoothly,” said a staff member who participated in the recording.

“Beyond Inappropriate!” is written by Kankuro Kudo (53), who created “Ikebukuro West Gate Park” and “Kisarazu Cats Eye”. The show follows the story of Ichiro Ogawa, a physical education teacher played by Saburo Abe, who time-travels from 1986 to 2024 and humorously criticizes inappropriate behavior in the Reiwa era.

The show’s success extends beyond real-time viewership, as it has also topped the weekly rankings on Netflix and the monthly rankings on U-NEXT, attracting a large audience for streaming. Why has it generated such widespread excitement? Drama production staff from key networks offer their analysis.

“The style of a Showa-era father figure speaking out against Reiwa-era compliance naturally resonates strongly with those in their 40s to 60s. However, it doesn’t mean that Showa-era values are entirely correct. Kudo skillfully balances this,” one staff member explains.

Another television network insider adds, 

“Recent TV dramas lack unique elements. However, it’s evident that unique works, even those subject to criticism, resonate well and easily go viral on social media. The protagonist of ‘Beyond Inappropriate!’ is a physical education teacher who disciplines his club members with physical punishment, refers to his own daughter as trash and female gorilla, and delivers outrageous lines questioning labor reform with phrases like ‘Is there a way to work other than like a workhorse?’. It’s natural that it’s garnering attention.”

While the protagonist frequently makes inappropriate remarks by Reiwa standards, such behavior is also seen as encouragement from creators at other networks.

“Today’s television production environment is too concerned with compliance and has become timid. Broadcasting a work like ‘Beyond Inappropriate!’ can be seen as a declaration of ‘We should not be controlled solely by compliance’,” says a drama director from another network.

Writer Wakako Taika, knowledgeable about TV dramas, evaluates “Beyond Inappropriate!” as a huge success both in terms of topicality and business.

“Actually, I don’t think Kudo has a particularly high success rate as a scriptwriter. There are many small details and a complex structure, leading some viewers to detach from the work midway. However, on the other hand, he also has a core fan base with a very high level of enthusiasm. With this work, in addition to those core fans, he has also attracted middle-aged viewers who weren’t particularly interested in dramas before. The reason they are attracted is because it’s structured such that modern people are learning from Showa-era figures. Showa-era people can comfortably watch the drama,” says Taika.

Taika also highly praises the performances of the cast.

“I think Yumi Kawai (23), who plays the protagonist’s daughter, is a good actress. She portrays a nostalgic, Showa-era high school girl very well. Until now, she has been popular among hardcore movie and drama fans, but I think ‘Beyond Inappropriate!’ will make her a major presence.”

While attention often focuses on the extreme content, it’s also notable for its depth.

“The protagonist discovers that the woman he admires in the future (Erika Nakamura) is actually his granddaughter, and he learns in the future world that both he and his daughter die in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. These elements make viewers want to speculate on future developments. It may seem rough at first glance, but it’s very elaborate,” says a director from TV Asahi.

Behind the blockbuster success lies an aggressive attitude reminiscent of television’s golden age.

Riisa Naka, who plays the grandson of the main character, is standing by with a garbage bag in hand. Unlike her character in the film, she has a serious look in her eyes.
Abe’s acting ability is highly acclaimed.
Abe plays the baseball club advisor who is harshly disciplined from the first episode. Will he continue to show his love for the club members until the very end?
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