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Yuki Saito’s Startling Prediction: A 90% Chance of Scandal After 60

Yuki Saito, a "magical and mysterious" character in her 50s, is in invincible mode and attracting a great deal of attention in the TV industry and entertainment industry.

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In July 2023, Yuki Saito was spotted at a condominium in Yokohama, separate from her home. Although she claimed it was her workspace, it was also the reported location of the extramarital affair scandal in 2017.

Actress Yuki Saito, aged 57, has entered a sort of invincible mode in her mid-50s, sparking discussions in the television industry. Reports of alleged affairs with three different individuals have circulated, including a recent scandal involving a physician just a few months ago. However, it seems that she has emerged almost unscathed from these controversies, drawing attention.

“Saito has been embroiled in alleged affairs with individuals such as Yutaka Ozaki in 1991, Mayu Watanabe in 1993, and a physician in 2017. Although she initially denied the affair with the physician in a press conference, she essentially admitted to it in a fax statement a month later, stating ‘It’s over now.’

Initially, she scaled back her activities, withdrawing from planned appearances in the NHK Taiga Drama ‘Segodon’ and commercials in 2018. However, she resumed her appearances in dramas and movies around April of the same year, seemingly unaffected by any fatal repercussions,” says a sports journalist.

Last November, Saito faced another crisis. It was reported by Weekly Bunshun that she had cried and screamed in front of the clinic of the physician involved in the 2017 affair, leading to police involvement. Although her agency vehemently denied any affair, rumors of a continued relationship circulated, raising concerns about its impact on her work. 

“Initially, there was worry among those around her that the backlash against Saito would intensify due to the alleged fourth affair, potentially greatly affecting her work.

However, ultimately, there was little criticism and the controversy did not escalate. She continued her appearances as scheduled in the drama ‘Ichiban Sukina Hana’ on Fuji TV last October, and she took on significant roles in the WOWOW series ‘Saka no Ue no Akai Yane,’ which started on March 3rd this year. She is also fully engaged in the film industry, starring in the movies ‘Tatekami Kifujin’ released on the 8th, and ‘Hen na Ie’ released on the 15th of the same month. It can be said that she has emerged from this ordeal essentially unscathed,” concludes the journalist.


In December 1994, Saito married a company employee two years her senior and has three children. Her eldest daughter, Rin Mizushima (24), made her acting debut in January 2021 and is currently active in the same agency. With her eldest son (20) and second daughter (19) having grown up, and with the promotion of her recent film appearances, she has recently been prominent in variety show appearances.

On February 21st, she appeared as a guest on “Pokapoka” (Fuji TV), confessing anecdotes from her idol days. With candid and natural talk, she livened up the atmosphere with statements like “I only get one day off a year” and “I cry about once every 10 days when I go home, then I calm down after crying.” On February 27th, she appeared on “Suddenly, I’d Like to Consult You” (Fuji TV). Amidst blunt predictions from the fortune teller Hoshi Hitomi, she even joked about her own affair scandal.

“When Hoshi was looking back on Saito’s early 50s, Saito herself teased about her past affair scandal, saying, ‘That was quite a time, wasn’t it?’ When her daughter Rin pointed out, ‘You have bad luck with men, like your mom,’ Saito responded light-heartedly, ‘I wonder what’s going on.’ without arguing back.

Furthermore, when Hoshi delivered the shocking prediction, ‘You’ll stir up the world again at the age of 61 or 62. 90%,’ Saito didn’t deny it and humorously exclaimed, ‘I can’t take it anymore.’ while somewhat playfully holding her head, showing a splendid reaction. Her likability with viewers skyrocketed,” says a Wide Na Show desk insider.



Even amidst scandals, Saito has managed not to collapse but rather has established an unprecedented position characterized by her persona in the entertainment industry, sparking surprise.

“Ordinarily, if such remarks as ‘Another commotion will stir the public’ were made, one would expect the relevant portions to be edited out. However, in Saito’s case, these comments were aired as is during ‘Totsuzen Desu ga.’ (‘Suddenly, May I?’) — this is what made me think she’s remarkable. In a series of reports, an average actress might have faced ruin. However, Saito not only survived but also cultivated the ability to even turn such incidents into material.

Given the image of a woman of many loves established by past reports, combined with her unique, somewhat ethereal way of speaking and her ability to say unusual things, she’s developed the character of a mysterious 50-something, making it difficult for people to muster any particular criticism. This positioning seems to have been secured. There aren’t many actresses like her. You could say she’s an invincible character” (Television production company executive).

Other talent agencies are also beginning to take cues from Saito’s success story.

“In talent agencies, minimizing damage and weathering the storm when talent are embroiled in affairs is a significant crisis management challenge. We would like to take inspiration from Saito’s unique survival tactics” (Entertainment agency executive).

Four or five years from now, even if Saito were to once again be embroiled in a romantic scandal, it seems she would manage to overcome it.

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In September 2023, she was with Takeshi Naito on the set of “Keishicho Sosakan Ichika” (Investigation Division Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department), a popular series on TV Asahi where the two team up to solve cases.
When the “OK” signal was given, Naito approached Saito and struck up a conversation. They chatted amicably for a while afterward (September 2023).
He takes the wheel of his own car and heads for the apartment where his workroom is located (July 2023).
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