Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi’s Cryptic Statement Sparks Confusion and Indignation, Fans Demand Clarity on Alleged Pity | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi’s Cryptic Statement Sparks Confusion and Indignation, Fans Demand Clarity on Alleged Pity

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What in the world is Nagabuchi trying to say?

What exactly are you referring to, and what do you want to say?

The cryptic content posted by Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi on his Instagram on March 1st is attracting attention. It features a photo showing a hand raised towards the sun on a beach somewhere.

“An ignorant person chops up fiction, pastes it, and turns it into dirty money. Such a society indeed exists. I will always confront any blade aimed at me. Because I have self-respect. If there’s anything, come and call my name. It’s become a terrifying society that makes you lose sight of yourself, but even if I’m chopped up, I will stand. Today, I stand here.”

Speaking of Nagabuchi, everyone acknowledges his tough-guy image. Not only in his songs but also in his social media posts, his toughness overflows, and extreme expressions stand out. In this post as well, phrases like chopping up fiction, blade aimed at me, self-respect, come and call my name, etc., line up with strong wording that evokes his tough-guy persona. But who exactly are these words directed towards?

“Everyone would immediately think of the former actress Shiho Wakabayashi. On January 23rd, she updated her X (formerly Twitter) account, confessing that she suffered sexual assault from a highly famous musician during her actress days, leading to PTSD. In fact, she revealed the same assault during a live stream last November. It was a quite shocking event, yet strangely, it didn’t become a topic of discussion.

This time, she noticed that the video had been deleted and revealed the reason she developed PTSD. In response to this post, users provided her with the archived live stream footage from that time, which she reposted and made public again. In it, she confesses to being sexually assaulted by the musician ‘N,’ whom she co-starred with in a drama.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

In the footage, she explains the sequence of events, stating that she couldn’t refuse the invitation to rehearse lines because the person inviting her was notorious for violence. Consequently, she ended up inviting him into her home.

“I was brought drugs by that Mr. N, then I was imprisoned, raped, and subjected to violence. Finally, he threatened me, saying, ‘I’ll beat you up so badly that you won’t be able to stay in the entertainment industry, and I’ll sink you in the sea. There are people around me who can do that kind of thing.’ This happened about three times.”

It naturally leads to the question of who exactly the musician “N” is, but

“The hints she provided were as follows: 1) The musician ‘N’ is a senior to Wakabayashi, currently 52 years old. 2) He is a famous musician representing Japan. 3) He has starred in dramas and movies. 4) He has experience co-starring with Wakabayashi in a movie. 5) He has a history of arrest related to illegal drugs. 6) He is notorious in the industry for being violent. Connecting these clues together,

While people were speculating, Wakabayashi ended up revealing on social media that ‘N’ is indeed Nagabuchi. The post was quickly deleted, but on social media, it became a consensus of ‘I knew it.’”

There was anticipation about how Nagabuchi would respond to Wakabayashi’s claims, but the action he took was the aforementioned cryptic statement. In response to this, on social media.

“Before talking about world peace or opposing war, one should properly address the points raised.”

“Poor fans who truly believe in Nagabuchi. He should speak the truth properly.”

Criticism like this has been gathering.

“Nagabuchi was previously arrested for drug possession, and at that time, his then-girlfriend Sayuri Kokusho was also implicated, but Nagabuchi completely ignored it. There were also reports of domestic violence against his ex-wife, Makiko Ishino, but again, he completely ignored it. However, this time, instead of ignoring it completely, he neither firmly refuted nor provided a concrete response, but rather appealed with abstract expressions as if the allegations were baseless, which leaves a sense of half-heartedness. There seems to be some kind of hesitation within him.” (Executive from a long-standing entertainment agency)


The executive mentioned earlier suggests that this time’s statement could also be a message directed towards Nagabuchi’s fans who regard him as a charismatic figure. However,

“Fans are not hoping for such words; they want to know the truth. If it’s not true, he should firmly deny it. The fact that he can’t do that leaves fans bewildered.” (Music magazine writer)

Industry insiders are not hiding their confusion either. Nagabuchi’s next move will once again test his tough-guy image.

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