Nanako Matsushima’s “Bold dark green kimono outfit” brings joy to her fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nanako Matsushima’s “Bold dark green kimono outfit” brings joy to her fans!

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Nanako Matsushima during her attendance at the Cannes Film Festival (AFLO)

Actress Nanako Matsushima’s “too-beautiful green kimono outfit” is creating quite a stir. It was published in the Winter 2021 issue of the magazine “Beautiful Kimono”.

In the magazine, Matsushima appears on six pages. The title of the project is “Nanako Matsushima dresses to enjoy ‘color'” and it says, “We have put together a seasonal coordination of kimonos chosen from the colors that are currently in the spotlight. Actress Nanako Matsushima wears it in an urban style” (from the magazine).

It is said that she has had her third breakthrough since “Mita, the housekeeper” in 2011, and it is rumored that she may be chosen to play the lead role in a serial drama for the first time since Mita.

This is a great magazine project for fans to enjoy Matsushima’s kimono outfits, and the photo of her in a green kimono is attracting a lot of attention.

The photo of Matsushima wearing a green kimono has been attracting a lot of attention. The title of the photo is “‘Modern green’ plain weave kimono with colorful obi to add brightness,” and it is accompanied by the following description.

The color that is attracting attention this winter is a rich dark green that I would like to call ‘modern green. The colorful katakei-dyed nagoya obi (obi sash) shines against the dark color of the plain woven ewa with flower weave accents. I paired it with an obi sash, obi updo, and bag drawn from the patterned colors of the obi.

In the photo, Matsushima is holding the left hem with her left hand and spreading the kimono with her right hand. She is holding a black and blue handbag in her right hand, which is said to be a 111,000 yen Asprey bag. She looks very noble.

Matsushima is currently appearing in the drama “SUPER RICH” (Fuji TV) that started on October 14. Noriko Eguchi, a popular actress, plays the role of “Glacier Ye,” the wild female president of a venture company. Matsushima plays the role of Satomi Shimatani, an overly beautiful super career woman who is a senior colleague of the main character. Her role as a director of a major IT company, MEDIA, is attracting a lot of attention.

With her husband Takashi Sorimachi’s departure from “Sidekick,” Matsushima will soon make a full-fledged comeback as an actress. Next year will be the year of Matsushima. ……!

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