A barbecue party with her best friend, smiling in a blizzard… Mitsuki Takahata’s “full of presence” secret photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A barbecue party with her best friend, smiling in a blizzard… Mitsuki Takahata’s “full of presence” secret photos

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On location in the heat, dressed in famous brand fashions, photographed in May 2007.

One day in May of 2007, the sun was shining like it was the middle of summer. One day in May 2007, the sun was shining like midsummer and a large number of film crew members were standing on the street in Yoyogi Uehara, Tokyo. What they were staring at was Mitsuki Takahata (29) in a miniskirt.

Perhaps she was working in the fashion industry. They were filming a scene in which Takahata was carrying a new Louis Vuitton bag.

She has a mysterious charm that naturally attracts the attention of those around her. The film director Takahiro Miki tweeted on his Twitter account after watching the play “The Miracle Worker” in which Ms. Takahata played the lead role. After watching the play “The Miracle Worker,” in which Ms. Takahata played the lead role, Takahiro Miki, the director of the play, tweeted on his Twitter page, “I was amazed at the exquisite ‘pauses’ that Ms. Mitsuki creates to attract the audience’s attention. She is a natural-born actress.” (Entertainment production staff)

Takahata studied vocal music under a classical music instructor. In addition to movies and TV dramas, she is also active on the stage with her clear voice, and we would like to show you the charm of Takahata, who has been at the forefront of the entertainment industry since her debut in 2005, with her treasured photos.

A cool face even when filming in extreme temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius

She was sitting on a bench while waiting for the crew to fan her out in the extremely hot weather.

It was a sweltering hot day in July 2006. A drama was being filmed from early morning at a large bookstore in Jimbocho, Tokyo. At the center of the location crew was Takahata.

She was wearing an office worker-style suit with a large backpack on her back, bowing repeatedly, and maintaining a cool expression even when shooting outdoors in temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

Takahata made her acting debut in junior high school when she won the lead role in a musical audition sponsored by Horipro out of 9621 applicants. After that, she was chosen to play the lead role in the musical “Peter Pan,” which has starred Ikue Sakakibara and others, and her singing and acting skills are well known. At the time of the location shooting in Jimbocho, she was the talk of the town when she sang “Beni,” one of the most popular songs by X JAPAN, in a commercial for NTT Docomo.

A girls’ night out with her best friend

Takahata and Haruka Kinami (right) are both from Osaka Prefecture and are big Hanshin fans.

In late March 2007, a group of women with an aura of mystery emerged from a crowded, secluded yakiniku restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo, on a national holiday. They are actresses Mitsuki Takahata and Haruka Kinami.

Takahata and Kinami are good friends, as they belong to the same agency. They often go out to eat together. They also seem to get along well as actresses, and worked together in the stage play “Miracle Worker” in 2002.

This time, Takahata played Helen Keller and Kinami played Dr. Sullivan. There was a scene in the play where the two of them fought with each other, and their passionate performances became the talk of the town.

Last year, Kinami married Hiroshi Tamaki (39). Takahata asked Kinami for advice on marriage at a girls’ night out between the two popular girls.

In the unseasonably heavy snow: ……

It was snowing on location, but Takahata was paying attention to the staff.

One day in March 2006, after the cherry blossoms had been declared in bloom, Tokyo was hit by a biting cold and unseasonably heavy snowfall. At a café near Shin-Maruko Station in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, the store was rented out early in the morning for filming.

They seemed to be using a building in the nearby shopping district as a waiting room, and during breaks, the staff members went back and forth between the cafe and the building. In the line, I spotted a beautiful woman wearing a black bench coat to protect her from the cold. It was Takahata. I was impressed by her smiling face, which defied the cold.

Takahata has a wide range of activities because of her outstanding singing ability. The other day, she sang beautifully as Ariel in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” in concert. In reality, she is quite strong-minded, but her gentle image and cleanliness make her popular with the same sex, and her commercial fees are on the rise.

She’s in movies, dramas, stage shows, and commercials ……. It’s no wonder that Takahata, with his singing ability, acting ability, and likeability, is so sought after!

After filming at a coffee shop in the Ameyoko shopping district of Ueno, Tokyo, staff members guarded her as she made her way to the location bus.
Her only stop on the way home from work is a convenience store. She is known for her stoic lifestyle.
She sat on a bench while waiting for the crew to fan her.
On his way home from work, the only stopover he makes is at a convenience store. She is known for her stoic lifestyle.
It was snowing on location, but Takahata was very attentive to the staff.
  • Photography Takao Kawakami, Takero Yatsuka, Yutaka Nonaka, Yutaka Hasegawa, Ippei Hara, Kojiro Yamada

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