Nanako Matsushima’s confession of “muscle training” to raise 105 kg is a signal for the start of her “plan to revive the queen of viewer ratings”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nanako Matsushima’s confession of “muscle training” to raise 105 kg is a signal for the start of her “plan to revive the queen of viewer ratings”!

While she is taking a break from child rearing, reports of her starring in a drama series for the first time in a while are flying in, and there is also a major special drama in March.

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Matsushima comes out after spending more than three hours in the training gym (July 19, ’19 issue).

Actress Nanako Matsushima (50) has caused a stir in the entertainment world after she confessed in a beauty magazine that she does “serious muscle training. She is said to be engaged in serious training with barbells of considerable weight, and has even commented that she is like a bodybuilder. Behind the surprising confession, there is a plan to “revive the queen” as she enters her 50s.

In an interview in the March issue of “Bi-ST,” Matsushima talks about the secret to maintaining her health and beauty. She confesses that she started muscle training to strengthen her back at the gym with a personal trainer for her role as Tokugawa Ieyasu’s mother, Oodai no Kata in last year’s NHK historical drama “Dousuru Ieyasu” (What to do?), wearing a kimono.

She also said that she has been doing an advanced exercise called “dead lift,” in which she lifts a barbell on the floor up to her knees, as athletes do, with a weight of 105 kg twice a week. This article was also published on the Internet in late February, in which she even made the astonishing statement, “Muscle will never betray you.

Last October, Matsushima reached the milestone of her 50th birthday. She and her husband Takashi Sorimachi (50), whom she married in 2001, had their first daughter (19) in 2004 and second daughter (16) in 2007, but Sorimachi revealed on “Bokura no Jidai” (Fuji TV) last January that both girls are studying abroad.

Sorimachi said in “Bokura no Jidai” (Fuji Television Network) last January that both girls were studying abroad. In recent years, Matsushima has been focusing more on child-rearing and family life as a mother, reducing the number of main-class roles she plays and cutting back on the number of films in which she appears. However, now that she has reached her 50th birthday, she has “grown apart from her children,” and I hear that she is discussing with those around her a plan to return to the forefront as a “leading actress” in earnest.

In fact, I have the impression that Matsushima has been making major moves since last year. In addition to appearing in “What to do about Ieyasu” for the first time in 21 years, she and Sorimachi appeared together for the first time as husband and wife in a Shiseido commercial that aired from November of the same year, which also attracted a lot of attention. She also played the important role of the wife of Hidetoshi Nishijima in “The Golden Hour: The Story of Kintaro Hattori” (TV Asahi), a major special drama depicting the life of the founder of the major watch manufacturer “Seiko” that aired on March 30, 2010.

In addition, in September last year, “Josei Seven” reported that Matsushima appeared in a spotlight in “GTO Revival,” a special program reviving the popular drama series starring Sorimachi that aired on April 1 this year. In September, “Josei Seven” reported that Matsushima would appear in a spot in “GTO Revival,” a special revival of the popular drama series starring Sorimachi that will be broadcast on April 1 this year, and that the couple had not appeared together in a drama series since 2002. Around the same time, Shukan Josei (Weekly Woman) also specifically reported that Matsushima had been cast in the lead role in a Fuji Television Wednesday 10:00 p.m. drama series for the January season. If it comes to fruition, the drama will be broadcast on Fuji Television from July 7, 2004.

If it comes true, it would be Matsushima’s first starring role in a drama series since “Sales Manager Kira Natsuko” (Fuji Television) in the July 2004 season. In fact, there was no drama starring Matsushima in the January season of this year, but there is no doubt that various stories surrounding Matsushima are beginning to fly hot and cold in the drama world.

Matsushima was once called the “Queen of Viewer Ratings” for her hit dramas in which she starred. In August 2000, her three-night drama series “Hyakunen no Monogatari” (TBS) recorded a 32.6% household rating for the third episode (according to Video Research, Kanto area), and in October 2000, her drama series “Yamato Nadeshiko” (Fuji TV) averaged a 26.4% household rating and a stunning 34.2% for the final episode. After returning to acting, “Mita, the Housekeeper” (NTV) in October 2011 became a social phenomenon with a 40.0% rating for the final episode.

In the New Year’s special program “The Latest Paris Trip with Nanako Matsushima” (Fuji TV) broadcast on January 6 this year, Matsushima went on location in Paris and showed her unchanged beauty and presence from the beginning of the year by wearing luxury brands there, showing her willingness to “restart” at age 50. Sorimachi also appeared in “GTO Revival.

Sorimachi is also stepping on the gas as an actor, starring in “GTO Revival” as well as in the serial drama “Great Gift” (TV Asahi) in the January season. The story reported in Weekly Woman about a Fuji drama series starring Matsushima in the same season was only moved to another season to avoid being seen as a “husband-wife battle,” but it is believed that it will happen in the near future. Since she will be returning as a leading actress, she will naturally be aiming for the title of “Queen of Viewer Ratings” again, and her moves are likely to attract even more attention this year.

Matsushima is seriously training her muscles and looking for the right moment to be at the forefront of the drama industry. Will she be able to rise to the top again in the current drama world?

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At the Tokyo International Film Festival in October ’06, she appeared in a see-through dress (August 4, ’23 issue).
In “My Neighbor’s Chikara” (TV Asahi) in 2010, she played the role of a peculiar old lady. She even studied the aging makeup and voice tone (April 15, 2010 issue).
After shopping at a high-end supermarket, she went to the car for a ride home. At the time, the commercial for “Uber Eats” in which she and Matt co-starred was the talk of the town (October 22 and 29, 2009 issues).
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