72-year-old dentist who took a minor to his apartment saying, “I have a room for my dad…” and indecently acted with the minor… “Astonishing Prostitution Technique” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

72-year-old dentist who took a minor to his apartment saying, “I have a room for my dad…” and indecently acted with the minor… “Astonishing Prostitution Technique”

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A 72-year-old dentist was involved in child prostitution in a room of an apartment he calls his “daddy’s room.

On February 28, the Suita Police Station of the Osaka Prefectural Police arrested Fumio Yanari, 72, a dentist in Suita City, on suspicion of violating the Child Prostitution and Child Pornography Law.

In July 2011, Yanari is suspected of committing an indecent act by handing tens of thousands of yen in cash each to two teenage girls, knowing that they were under 18 years of age. It is believed that Yanari and the girls met through social networking services and engaged in the act in a private room of a karaoke box in Osaka Prefecture,” said a reporter from the society section of a national newspaper.

(A reporter from a national newspaper’s social division) “Yanari dared to use a karaoke box because going in and out of a hotel with the two girls would look suspicious. He was very careful to avoid detection. However, he was very careful not to be found out.

One day, after repeatedly having sex with the girls, Yanari said, “Actually, I have a papa-katsu room,” and brought them to a room on the top floor of an 11-story condominium he owns near JR Shin-Osaka Station. When he tried to perform sexual acts in the papa’s room, the girls refused. Until then, the three had been meeting together under the promise that they would not engage in sexual activity. The girls felt that it would not be good for them to continue their relationship with Yanari, so they cut off contact with him.

Unable to overcome the temptation, Yanari ended his relationship with the girls. Later, the case came to light in an unexpected turn of events.

Last September, her mother found a large sum of money in the girl’s purse and asked her what she had done with it. The mother became suspicious and took the girl to the police, where the incident was discovered. When questioned, the suspect admitted, “I remember this case. We are continuing the investigation to determine if there are any additional charges.

Yanari worked as a practicing dentist in Osaka Prefecture and lived a wealthy life, including a home in Suita City with an area of over 400 m2. The condominium where the “daddy’s room” is located was purchased in 1993 under the name of a company separate from the dental clinic. Why did he get involved in illegal child prostitution?

The suspect, Yanaru, has a poor body and is not flattering to the eye. He doesn’t seem to be the type of guy who attracts women. No one would take him seriously, but he had money. That’s probably why he was repeatedly using his money to prostitute himself with girls.

During the interrogation, the suspect was disheartened, saying, “If this gets out, I won’t be able to continue my job. He deserved what he got.

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