April season drama “Tuesday 10” to star in! How did Airu Ikumi rise to fame with the support of her fans and her ability? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

April season drama “Tuesday 10” to star in! How did Airu Ikumi rise to fame with the support of her fans and her ability?

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Finally, Meruru Ikumi has decided to star in “Tuesday 10” for the April season.

When he first appeared on variety shows as a “balladol”, who would have guessed that he would become the actor he is today? ……

Meruru Ikumi will be playing the lead role in the April season’s Tuesday 10 drama “Who’s in Love with Me? (TBS) in April. This is what people are saying on social networking sites,

When she first came out, I thought she was just a silly celebrity, but she’s amazing!

I think she is a fire 10 who has won not by being pushed by her agency, but completely by her ability and effort. She is an actress I want to support.

She has received a storm of praise from the public.

Meruru took her first steps as a model 10 years ago when she was selected as an exclusive model for the elementary school fashion magazine “Nico☆Puchi. In 2003, she won the Popteen Award and Ray Award at the “TOKYO GIRLS AUDITION 2015” and became an exclusive model for the teenage fashion magazine “Popteen. She became the magazine’s most popular model, winning first place in a survey of “favorite models” in the April 2007 issue of the magazine’s present entry form.

In 2008, she was selected as a regular personality for the radio program “Meruru no happi-su-room” (Bunka Hoso), and was a regular on “Hirunan desu! Hirunandes! and “School Revolution” (both on Nippon Television). She became popular for her slightly “silly” natural character.

Meruru made her debut as an actor in the late-night drama “Oshare no Ansoku ga Mukidanai” (NTV), which aired in the March 2009 season. It was her first appearance in a drama and she played the lead role.

At the time, there were words of criticism such as, “He was just riding on his popularity” and “He was being pushed by his office,” but he was already highly regarded as an actor in the TV industry.

In April 2009, Meruru appeared in a zombie comedy in the first special edition of the comedy show “New Key” (Fuji TV), which started airing in April 2009. Isn’t she a good actor? I didn’t even realize she was Meruru because the atmosphere was so different. I don’t think she had studied acting much up to that point, but I thought she was a talented girl.

In 2010, she won the Best New Actor Award at the 46th Japan Academy Awards for her role as a lonely JK in the movie “Moekare wa ORANGE-iro”. He has been making a name for himself remarkably, and his talent as an actor has blossomed.

Although this is only her sixth film, her performance in the drama “Sexy Tanaka-san” (NTV) made a drama production producer at a key station realize her talent.

I think she has a natural talent, but her acting is so natural that it is hard to believe she hasn’t had a long career. I don’t want to be rude to say that she is surprisingly clever, but she is quick to catch on and has a lot of facial expressions. I think he developed this through modeling and variety show appearances, but just because he has modeled and appeared in variety shows a lot as well does not necessarily mean he can be that resourceful. I still think he has talent as an actor. I think he still has a lot of room to grow, and I look forward to seeing what he can do in the future.

She is always smiling and cheerful, and many of the staff members are fans of hers. Her starring role in a prime time drama series was a foregone conclusion, but we have a feeling that she will become an even bigger star in the future.

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