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Mr. Children’s Heir Makes Debut with Unconventional Commercial Sparks Speculation

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Kazutoshi Sakurai of “Mistill,” whose son, Umine Sakurai, is very active.

Minami Tanaka (37) appeared in a commercial for “Calbee Body Granola” that started airing on February 22. The “good-looking younger brother” of Tanaka Minami is Kaine Sakurai (22), who has been attracting a lot of attention for his role.

It is a well-known fact that his father is Kazutoshi Sakurai (54) of Mistill and his mother is Mika Yoshino, a former gravure idol and popular member of the Giri Giri Girls. However, for some reason, a release from the PR company asked that information and topics related to “family” and “Nisei” not be mentioned, which has caused controversy among people involved in wide-ranging TV shows.

The notice reads, “We often have opportunities to cover information about new commercials, mainly on morning live wide programs, but in this case, Minami Tanaka, who has appeared in many commercials, was somewhat short of material. The appearance of “Mistill’s Sakurai’s eldest son” was a great opportunity for a long piece of information on this commercial, but it was a waste of time and money.

In the interview video uploaded on YouTube’s “oricon channel” after the crank-up of the commercial, Sakurai talked about how he created his original guitar and how Tanaka immediately searched for him on SNS when he first saw him on the screen, asking “Who is this handsome guy? and that Tanaka immediately searched for him on SNS when he first saw him on screen. It would have been natural to talk about “Kazutoshi Sakurai’s son,” but there was no mention of him, which was unnatural.

Sakurai was a member of the junior youth team of a famous soccer club as a child, played drums for the band Inner Journey under the name Kaito, and was active in a wide range of activities, including modeling and setting up his own YouTube channel.

In May 2009, she changed her name to “Sakurai Kaeon,” which is her real name, and appeared in “Night Doctor” (Fuji TV) and “10 Count to the Future” (TV Asahi). (Masato Sakai), which drew a great deal of attention. In the October season of the same year, she appeared in the drama “Dorozu no Shokutaku” (TV Asahi), starring Kyoko Saito of Hinatazaka 46. He played the son of Saito’s adulterous partner (Yu Yoshizawa), and received favorable reviews for his difficult role as Saito’s love interest.

Kaine attended an integrated school for the sons of celebrities from kindergarten through high school. I heard that Kazutoshi Sakurai was the most active participant in school events among his celebrity dad friends. He was also the only one who stayed behind to cheer loudly from the start to the end of the field day.

For his father, he was the son he could put in his eyes and it wouldn’t hurt, but for Sakurai, who wanted to be active as an actor, I heard that in today’s entertainment industry, which is full of second-generation actors, he didn’t want people to think that he was just a “shining star” of his parents or that he was a “barter” or a “connection.

(A reporter for a women’s weekly magazine) Is that the reason why he has changed his name to “Sakurai,” which is different from his father’s “Sakurai”? For example, Taiga Nakano (31), the son of Hideo Nakano (59), also started out with the stage name “Taiga. He has said in the past that the reason for this was to hide his second-generation actor status. It was not until after he had achieved some success as an actor that the public became aware that Shuri (33), star of the NHK television series “Boogie Woogie,” was a second-generation actor.

On the other hand, there are certainly second-generation actors who are making the most of their careers. Shuri’s fellow “Top Coat” actor, Kanta Miura (26), who appears in “Boogie Woogie” (NHK), is known as the son of Tomoyoshi Miura (57), better known as “King Kazu”.

Shuri is a senior member of this agency, which has many handsome men in the leading roles, including Nakamura Rinya, Matsuzaka Tori, Masaki Suda, and Yosuke Sugino. It is not hidden that Miura is Shuri’s “barter,” and the two have appeared together in YouTube videos. Depending on the talent, there are cases where the agency decides whether or not to disclose such a backbone.

There are so many second-generation actors that it is hard to keep track of how many there are these days, but some of them are not making the most of the benefits of their parents. ……

The eldest son of a famous celebrity couple has appeared as an actor in supporting roles from time to time, but I heard that his father says he wants him to quit. He also has a younger brother, but he works behind the scenes at his mother’s concerts. He seems to be interested in the entertainment industry, but I am sorry to say that I don’t think he can stand on his own. There are so many Nisei who have not been able to stand on their own even though they are in their twenties or forties, and prominent parents are really worried about them” (drama production staff).

In that sense, Sakurai is an “honor student of the second generation” who is constantly being offered high-profile drama and movie roles. I’m not sure how to market the second generation.

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