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From Trash Pickup to Retail: Yokozuna Harumafuji’s Unexpectedly Bright Future After Demotion

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Hakuho was severely punished by being removed as a room master.

Hakuho was demoted two ranks to flat yokozuna, his compensation was cut by 20% for three months, and he was also removed as his stablemaster (……).

It was a humiliating punishment for the grand yokozuna, who won a record 45 makunouchi championships. Miyagino Oyakata (38, former Hakuho) is being held accountable for the assault of his apprentice Kitaseiho, which was uncovered in a complaint to the Japan Sumo Association. Looking back at the circumstances of the incident, it is not surprising that he was given a heavy sentence.

According to the Sumo Association of Japan, “Kita-Aobaho assaulted two of his younger apprentices severely over a long period of time from July 2010 to November 2011. According to the Sumo Association, he slapped them on the face, back, and testicles. He also hit them on the buttocks with a broom handle, and used an insecticide spray that had been ignited to form a burner to approach the younger apprentice’s body. The violent acts were repeated two to three times a week.

Hakuho was also aware of Hokushoho’s assaults, but neglected to instruct him. He did not report the incident to the Sumo Association. When Hokushoho, who was the eighth highest-ranking wrestler in the east maegashira, was absent from the January tournament this year, he did not mention the incident and said, “My right knee injury worsened. The accusation to the Sumo Association was made shortly thereafter. It is no wonder that he was suspected of making false reports and covering up the incident,” said a source close to the Sumo Association.

The Miyagino-ya stable, where Hakuho was no longer under the supervision of his master, was under the supervision of Tamagaki Oyakata (former kobozuna Tomonohana), a member of the Isekehama clan to which Hakuho belongs. From April onward, the Isekehama stable will be in charge of the stable. Hakuho is likely to face a difficult life in the future.

He is expected to have a difficult life in the future. The department is literally a social contribution department, and its duties include picking up trash and cleaning up around the Ryogoku Kokugikan and the nearby train station, as well as raising funds for disaster relief. During the event, the department also provides security for the venue and stands at a concession stand to sell goods. Sometimes the proceeds from the concession stand are used to donate school backpacks to elementary schools. This must be an unfamiliar job for Hakuho, who reigned at the top of the yokozuna ranking as a grand champion.

Some speculate that he will resign from the Sumo Association like Takanohana, but his future is surprisingly bright.

One of the factors that contributed to Hokushoho’s assault was the fact that Hakuho rented a room between the two of them. Because the space was too small for him and his family to live in, he may not have been able to pay attention to every detail as a master. The Sumo Association seems to think that the first condition for Hakuho’s rehabilitation is to purchase a property and solidify the foundation of his room.

In the past, there have been cases like Hakuho’s, where the room was placed in the custody of the clan after a scandalous incident.’ In May 2010, Kise Oyakata (former maegashira Higonoumi) was found to have given tickets to antisocial individuals. The Kise stable was placed in the custody of the Dewakai clan to which it belonged, but it was reopened two years later in April ’12, and Kise Oyakata returned to his post as master. As long as Hakuho sincerely reflects on his actions and works diligently as a layman, he will be able to have his own stable again as a stablemaster. There is nothing to be pessimistic about.

(A reporter in charge of sports paper) “I am not pessimistic about Hakuho’s future. Hakuho’s future seems to depend on his own mindset and daily attitude.

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